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Butler Performance And COMP Cams Collaborate To Produce World Record Results

Butler Performance is one of a select few engine builders who specialize in Pontiac engines, and not only does the company walk a different path, it also leads the way in performance.

Based in Leoma, Tennessee, and formed in the late 1980s by brothers David and Rodney Butler, along with their father, Jim Butler, Butler Performance has a long history of producing a wide variety of performance engines and parts for a vast array of Pontiacs. Be it record-setting dragsters, champion truck pullers, road course cars, swamp racing buggies, performance boats or street rods, Butler Performance has distanced itself from the competition in every facet of motorsports and street rodding when it comes to the Pontiac brand. Offering engine combinations ranging from 350-600+ cubic inches, including engines designed for the use of a blower, turbo, nitrous or electronic fuel injection system, the company truly has a product for every Pontiac need and can custom design products for specific needs and applications.

Butler Performance is committed to continuous testing and cooperative programs with other companies to develop the best possible Pontiac performance products. Whether it’s on the dyno or at the track, Butler Performance is always looking for an edge on the competition. On August 7th, 2010, the company claimed a major edge on the drag strip, which came in the form of the fastest time ever recorded by a Pontiac-powered dragster. The feat occurred during the Ames Performance Tri-Power Pontiac Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park (Norwalk, Ohio), when the Butler Performance 1963 Pro Mod Tempest laid down an incredible 6.27 second pass at 228 mph on the quarter mile.

Butler Performance owner, David Butler, comments, “That was really big to be able to claim that record. To know that our entry went faster than any Pontiac-powered dragster or funny car in history was just incredible. COMP Cams was a big part of that record as we worked closely with them to design a camshaft that would give us maximum performance. The exciting part is that we are confident that we may have a shot to lower that same record this year with some of the things we’ve learned not only from that pass but also from recent testing. In fact, with a new cam from COMP Cams, we’ve already lowered the 1/8 mile record this year, and this fall we fully expect to lower the 1/4 mile record.”

While its business on the racing is doing quite well, Butler Performance has also seen an explosion in its clientele over the past few years in the street rod industry.

“With the increase in the number of television shows dedicated to performance street cars, our business has really gone through the roof in that industry,” explains Butler. “We have several clients for whom we manufacture big cubic inch engines that run on pump gas in street rods. The street muscle car industry has really been a nice expansion for our business.”

Butler Performance has had a relationship with the COMP Performance Group™ companies, including COMP Cams, RHS™, TCI and FAST™, for over 15 years, and David Butler attributes much of his company’s success to the products it utilizes from these various companies.

COMP Cams and its affiliated companies always give us exactly what we need, and they are always quick to work with us in any way they can to ensure we are getting the most out of not only our products, but also their products,” he says. “Much like us, they are dedicated to testing and development, and are never content to settle for second best. In this ever changing world in which we operate that is a complete necessity for success. Most importantly, they have been consistent throughout the years, whether it be through good times or bad times, and there’s just not many companies that you can say that about.”

For more information on Butler Performance, please visit www.ButlerPerformance.com to check out their top-notch Pontiac products.