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Sullivan Family Purchases the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series

Chris Sullivan - Jack Sullivan - Woody Hampton photo

By Ben Shelton Conway, Arkansas (12/04/18)– When the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series presented by Lucas Oil kicks off their 2019 campaign in March, it will be operating under new ownership. Racing world veterans Chris Sullivan and Jack Sullivan have purchased the tour, effective immediately. The sale comes as series founder Chris Ellis is forced to step away from the ... Read More »

COMP After Hours: Project Loophole Monte Carlo

Loophole Lead

Ever wonder what goes on at COMP Cams after hours? Well, a few of the COMP Performance Group tech guys decided to pool their resources and have a little fun at the nearby Memphis International Raceway. While they all have project cars, they knew this would be a great way to hang out and keep them on their toes. Nothing ... Read More »

Ratty Muscle Cars: Relax. Have Fun.


By: Brandon Flannery With a late-night thrash-n-pack, the boys and I awoke before the sun and pointed The Blue Goose east from our perch just below Memphis. Our destination was the Wilson-Morgan ballpark more than three hours away in Decatur, Alabama. Despite the threat of bad weather, the Ratty Muscle Cars “No Shine Sh*t List” was on, and we were ... Read More »

All About That Base Circle


Of all the things I do here at COMP Cams, nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping a customer achieve success with an engine building project.  Sometimes I get the call when the project is in the idea stage, or often, the customer has already purchased a few parts such as block, crank, head castings, etc. One area I feel ... Read More »

Things Roundy Racers Say…


Round and round they go! What’s that announcer saying? Only race fans know! If you’ve spent any time at a track or watching racing, you know the language can be as colorful as the cars themselves. On a bet, we rounded up some racing-related jargon to share. Did we leave any out? Email me: bflannery@compcams.com Also keep an eye out ... Read More »

Our customers are saying…

COMP Performance Group loves to hear feedback from its customers, and below are a few recent reviews that made our day. We hope you will share your experience with us as well. You can do so through the brand-specific social media links. COMP Cams “I built an engine with Comp Cams parts in 1999: ’95 Chevy 4×4 with TBI 383 stroker, hydraulic roller retrofit, ... Read More »

History of the 4BBL abbreviation


We’ve all seen and written “4BBL” a hundred times when talking about carburetors and throttle bodies. At one time or another most of us have wondered about the mysterious second letter B. Obviously, we know it stands for “barrel”, but why the extra B? I have a theory. The abbreviation bbl is widely accepted as a unit of measurement for ... Read More »

COMP Cams Camaro Progress Update!

COMP Cams Camaro rendering by Carter Hickman Designs.

Progress on the COMP Cams Camaro is underway! Kelle Oeste of V8 Speed & Resto brought her trusty car hauler out to COMP Cams and gave the Camaro a thorough inspection in September. With a passing grade and a clean enough bill of health that would enable her crew to meet our requested deadline, the white convertible was loaded up and ... Read More »

12 Questions With Jeff Reed Of TCI Automotive

Name: Jeff Reed Job Title: TCI Automotive Race Support/Sales Jeff Reed works directly with racers powered by TCI parts. Relying on years of experience and first-hand knowledge, he works one-on-one with his customers, providing the specialized assistance and support they need to build the most reliable and consistent drivetrain combinations possible. What is your background in the industry? I’ve been ... Read More »

12 Questions With Gary Henderson Of COMP Cams

From Full Time Racer To Helping Engine Builders Solve Their Valve Train Problems, Gary Henderson Has Done It All During 30+ Years In The Industry Name: Gary Henderson Job Title: Engine Builder Performance Technician At COMP Cams Gary Henderson is a COMP Cams engine performance technician. When master engine builders call for help, it’s Henderson’s job to answer the tough ... Read More »