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2014 Inglese™ Master Catalog


Memphis, TN – The latest Inglese™ catalog features 16 pages of information on some of the world’s finest and most exotic induction systems and related components. The 2014 Inglese™ Master Catalog is hot off the press. Jam-packed with information and full-color photos, it places major emphasis on the induction brand’s EFI systems. However, the carburetor systems that Inglese™ was founded ... Read More »

Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems


Memphis, TN – New Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems offer unique styling, modern EFI benefits and bolt-on fitment for engines using a single or dual plane 4150 flange 4-barrel intake. New Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems combine proven FAST™ electronic fuel injection technology with radical Inglese™ sidedraft styling. Designed to work with any FAST™ EFI system, they give customers a value-priced alternative ... Read More »

Inglese™ Snap-In Stack Filters


Memphis, TN – Inglese™ Snap-In Stack Filters easily fit in Inglese™ Billet Stacks to ensure optimal airflow. The induction specialists at Inglese™ have always prided themselves on combining functionality with eye-catching appearance. New Inglese™ Stack Filters are designed to fit directly into the stacks without robbing valuable horsepower. Built from top-of-the-line K&N Filters for better airflow, the filter simply pushes ... Read More »

Inglese™ Billet Stacks


Memphis, TN – Four sizes of Inglese™ Billet Stacks are designed to fit virtually all hot rods and street machines. Inglese™ Billet Stacks provide both classy looks and superior performance for nearly any engine application. Available in four different heights ranging from 1.50″ to 3.50,” these precision-machined stacks are designed for bolt-on fitment for all Inglese™ EFI (50mm and 58mm ... Read More »

Inglese™ Progressive Linkage


Memphis, TN – Progressive linkage from Inglese™ is engineered to dramatically improve the drivability of Inglese™ EFI and carbureted systems. Inglese™ Progressive Linkage improves the drivability of eight-stack systems by increasing pedal modulation at low RPM. A progressive pull rate is a necessity for eight-stack systems because they typically feature twice the throttle area of a traditional setup. This can ... Read More »

Inglese™ Ford 351W Manifold


Memphis, TN – The latest manifold from Inglese™ blends state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection performance with classic carbureted styling in Ford 351W applications. The induction jewelers at Inglese™ teamed up with the EFI specialists at FAST™ to create state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection systems utilizing the new Ford 351W manifold and FAST™ EZ-EFI or XFI 2.0™ systems. The all-new manifold design features integrated ... Read More »