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TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmissions


Ashland, MS – The next generation of the 6x Six-Speed Transmission from TCI features overrun clutch apply to increase the torque capacity of the transmission and the durability of the overdrive roller clutch. The original TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmission provided six forward gears and fully programmable automatic or manual shifting for improved acceleration and fuel economy at cruising speeds. Now the engineers ... Read More »

New FAST EFI Hat Is Stretch-Fitted For Increased Comfort & Style


Memphis, TN – A brand new baseball cap from FAST is perfect for wearing around the shop or keeping the sun out of your eyes at the track or show. Available in charcoal gray, the FAST EFI Hat is the latest addition the EFI leader’s apparel line. The stylish, stretch-fitted cap is designed for comfort and features a full-color FAST ... Read More »

Low-Priced COMP Cams T-Shirt Inspired By Legendary Performance


Memphis, TN – The latest t-shirt from COMP Cams utilizes a classic offset design and is available for just $5.00. The new “Legendary Performance” T-Shirt is intended for the budget-minded automotive enthusiast and features a variety of creative elements. A vertical camshaft is pictured on the right side, with the words “A Legacy of Performance” included in banners surrounding a COMP ... Read More »

COMP Cams Ford 427 SOHC Stub Cam Is Perfect For Vintage Engine Builds


Memphis, TN – Vintage engine builders and enthusiasts have reason to celebrate with the revival by COMP Cams of a hard-to-find Ford stub cam for the potent Ford 427 SOHC engine. COMP Cams Ford 427 SOHC Stub Cam Is Perfect For Vintage Engine Builds Developed over 90 days in the mid 60’s, banned from NASCAR, and ultimately finding success on the ... Read More »

COMP Cams Ford Coyote Valve Spring Kits


Memphis, TN – Two new valve spring kits from COMP Cams allow 0.550″ or .600″ lift as well as higher RPM and boost in late model Ford Coyote applications. Ford enthusiasts have two brand new valve spring options for late model Coyote engines. COMP Cams Ford Coyote Valve Spring Kits are designed to create higher load, RPM and lift capacity for 2011-2014 ... Read More »

Quarter Master Optimum-SR 10.4″ Two-Disc Mustang Clutch Kits


Lake Zurich, IL – The revolutionary 10.4″ two-disc clutch kits from Quarter Master are now available for Ford Mustangs. The kits include a true racing clutch with factory driving characteristics to replace the stock component. Quarter Master Optimum-SR 10.4″ Two-Disc Mustang Clutch Kits feature a rebuildable billet clutch designed for higher-than-stock torque clamp loads while maintaining a near-stock pedal feel. The kits ... Read More »

FAST XFI 2.050 Engine Management System


Memphis, TN – The latest update to the FAST line of XFI systems features an upgraded ECU and greater software capability, more spark features and improved data collection for safety. XFI Engine Managements Systems are designed to provide the utmost in power and adjustability for serious racers. XFI 2.050  provides a host of upgrades including individual cylinder correction referenced to ... Read More »

COMP Cams LS Gear Drive Timing Sets


Memphis, TN – New timing sets from COMP Cams provide a bulletproof timing option with the most precise cam timing possible for LS applications. COMP Cams LS Gear Drive Timing Sets are designed for LS engines that are used in racing, street, marine and extreme applications. They provide the most accurate valve timing possible by eliminating chain flutter and backlash, and bolt-on ... Read More »

FAST XFI Sportsman Engine Management System With Throttle Body


Memphis, TN – The FAST XFI Sportsman Engine Management System is a simple, programmable and custom-tunable unit designed to fill the space between the EZ-EFI 2.0 Fuel + Ignition and XFI 2.0 segments. A new version of the system now also features a throttle body. Designed for muscle car, late model street and sportsman drag racing engines, along with boosted applications, ... Read More »

TCI 4L60E Valve Body Offers Engine Braking For Competition


Ashland, MS – The new TCI 4L60E Valve Body is designed to provide engine braking for autocross, road racing and off-road racing applications. Engine braking helps slow a vehicle when downshifting into turns. The TCI 4L60E Valve Body accomplishes this by applying the overrun clutches, which in turn also increases torque capacity and relieves stress on the forward clutch sprag in GM ... Read More »