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ZEX™ Live Chat Online Tech Support


Providing customers with helpful and accurate technical support has always been a major priority for ZEX™. The NITROUS HELP™ hotline and online forums were created in order to give nitrous users a way of getting honest answers and genuine help from people who truly understood the science behind the products. Now, the leading nitrous system company has taken the next ... Read More »

ZEX LS Series Perimeter Plate Nitrous System


Memphis, TN – ZEX™ has designed the new LS Series Perimeter Plate Nitrous System with three advanced nitrous technologies, each of which gives LS applications a significant power advantage over conventional plate systems. Adjustable from 100-250 horsepower, the complete, race-ready ZEX™ LS Series Perimeter Plate Nitrous System uses three cutting-edge technologies to provide optimum spray efficiency and fuel distribution for ... Read More »

RHS Pro Elite™ 3.900″ Bore LS7 CNC-Ported Cylinder Heads


Memphis, TN – Racing Head Service is now offering LS7-style heads for original LS cathedral port engines. RHS Pro Elite™ 3.900″ Bore LS7 CNC-Ported Cylinder Heads not only get the best LS rectangular port heads onto all GM LS 5.7L – 6.0L blocks, they also provide up to 100 bolt-on horsepower over stock and feature all the benefits of other RHS  LS7 ... Read More »

RHS Offers Live Chat To Assist Customers


Memphis, TN – The RHS live chat feature provides customers with another quick and easy way to get in touch with one of the best support staffs in the performance aftermarket. The RHS tech support staff is made up of a talented and knowledgeable group of performance enthusiasts who are well versed in various ways to make Power by Design™. As part ... Read More »

RHS Small Block Chevy Valve Cover Adapter Kit For LS Engines


Memphis, TN – This adapter kit from RHS allows traditional, Gen 1 Small Block Chevy valve covers to be used on Gen III/IV LS engines. The revolutionary LS engine lends itself to creativity among top-level engine builders and performance enthusiasts alike. A prime example comes in the form of this Small Block Chevy adapter kit from RHS, which allows anyone ... Read More »

RHS Pro Elite™ LS7 CNC-Machined 307cc Big Port Cylinder Heads


Memphis, TN – New RHS Pro Elite™ LS7 CNC-Machined 307cc Big Port Cylinder Heads are designed for 454-502c.i. street engines that require additional runner volume and air flow to support the large cubic inch design. Big engines make big power, but often cylinder heads don’t provide the necessary flow characteristics for large power plants. New RHS Pro Elite™ LS7 Big Port ... Read More »

RHS 23° Aluminum SBC Intake Manifolds


Memphis, TN – RHS 23° Aluminum Intake Manifolds are designed to provide power and a strong torque curve throughout the mid-RPM range for both EFI and carbureted Small Block Chevy applications. RHS 23°Aluminum Intake Manifolds are engineered specifically to port match fit RHS 23° Small Block Chevy cylinder heads. Additionally, these manifolds are the only ones designed with a 4150 flange ... Read More »

RHS Piston Oilers

Piston Oiler

Memphis, TN – RHS Piston Oilers bolt inside the RHS LS Race Block and squirt oil onto the pistons, keeping them lubricated and cool during extreme race use. Made exclusively for the RHS LS Race Block, new and improved RHS Piston Oilers are designed to keep pistons lubricated for optimal performance even during the most demanding racing conditions. The oilers are ... Read More »

RHS Pro Elite™ Aluminum Assembled Cylinder Heads For LS7 Applications


Memphis, TN – RHS Pro Elite™ Aluminum Cylinder Heads For LS7 Applications are now available in fully assembled versions that are perfect for small and large cubic inch, hardcore street applications. RHS Pro Elite™ LS7 Cylinder Heads are the aftermarket’s first high performance LS-style head to feature a raised intake runner design that fits both stock and aftermarket LS7 intake manifolds ... Read More »

COMP Cams GM Gen V (LT1/L83/L86) Camshafts

gen v cams 2

Memphis, TN -The first company to offer performance cam upgrades for GM Gen V (LT1, L83 and L86) V8 engines is none other than COMP Cams. Revolutionary GM Gen V Camshafts (LT1/L83/L86) from COMP Cams are designed to work with the direct injection (DI), variable valve timing (VVT) and Active Fuel Management (AFM) lifters featured in GM’s new Gen V V8 ... Read More »