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New Products

FAST™ XFI 2.0™ Marine Fuel Injection


Memphis, TN – The FAST™ XFI 2.0™ Marine Fuel Injection is a specially adapted version of the XFI™ electronic fuel injection system designed to maximize performance in boat engines and stand up to the grueling marine environment. FAST™ engineers worked with professional boat racers to tailor the benefits and advanced controls of XFI 2.0™ to the unique needs of marine ... Read More »

FAST™ EZ-EFI 1972-1991 Jeep CJ/YJ 4.2L/6 Cylinder Kits


Memphis, TN – FAST™ brings the award-winning EZ-EFI technology to carbureted 4.2L/6 cylinder Jeeps with all new kits engineered to easily bolt-on and work with the unique requirements of Jeep applications. The new FAST™ EZ-EFI  1972-1991 Jeep CJ/YJ 4.2L/6 Cylinder Kit is engineered specifically to deliver modern EFI benefits to older 6 cylinder Jeeps at a value price. An exclusive ... Read More »

FAST™ Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose


Memphis, TN – The FAST™ Endure-X EFI Racing Hose is the first and only fuel hose developed to handle the harsh racing conditions of fuel injected applications. The Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose from FAST™ is not just another fuel line hose. Capable of handing up to 150 psi and compatible with most popular fuels, the Endure-X™ hose meets or exceeds ... Read More »

FAST™ XFI™ Badge


Memphis, TN – Putting an XFI™ Badge on your vehicle warns other enthusiasts that you are powered by the most technologically advanced electronic fuel injection system available. New XFI™ Badges from FAST™ easily stick to any car and show the world that you upgraded to the most advanced fuel injection system on the market. These stylish new badges adhere to ... Read More »

Tomar™ TD44 Clutches


Lake Zurich, IL – Tomar™ TD44 Clutches are designed to provide cool running temperatures in high-horsepower kart, junior dragster and mini-bike applications. Available in two-, three- or four-disc configurations for ¾” and one-inch crankshafts, Tomar™ TD44 Clutches can hold up to 60 horsepower and are designed for Animal, Modified, Clone, Stock, Flathead and Jackshaft applications competing on dirt or asphalt, ... Read More »

Tomar™ Drive Sprockets


Lake Zurich, IL – CNC-machined Drive Sprockets from Tomar™ increase strength and durability. At first glance you might think that if you’ve seen one karting drive sprocket, you’ve seen them all. However, Tomar™ has set the industry standard in performance by adding an internal diameter lip and spiral ring that captivate the needle bearing and minimize movement. Along with an ... Read More »

Powerhouse Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit


Memphis, TN – The Powerhouse Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit installs or removes cam bearings in any engine, from traditional pushrod platforms to specialized race blocks. Install or remove cam bearings from any engine block with one complete, universal kit from Powerhouse Products. With five mandrels ranging in size from 1.125″ to 2.690″, the professional quality Powerhouse Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit ... Read More »

Powerhouse Products Chrysler Hemi Camshaft Degree Kit


Memphis, TN – The new Hemi Camshaft Degree Kits from Powerhouse Products include everything you need to degree a Hemi camshaft in one convenient package. The Powerhouse Products Hemi Camshaft Degree Kits contain all the tools necessary to correct any minuscule errors and tolerances from your 5.7L, 6.1L or 6.4L Hemi engine’s machining processes that can affect camshaft timing. Degreeing ... Read More »

Powerhouse Pro Engine Cleaning Kit


Memphis, TN – The Powerhouse Professional Engine Cleaning Kit easily removes grime and oil from the dirtiest engine. The seven-piece professional engine builder’s brush kit from PowerhouseProducts will have your old engine primed and ready to build in no time. With six different precision brushes, there is no spot or crevice that can’t be reached with the Pro Engine Cleaning ... Read More »

Powerhouse Block Square & Deck Height Gauge


Memphis, TN – The unique Block Square & Deck Height Gauge eliminates the need to dummy assemble before building a new engine. The Products Block Square & Deck Height Gauge allows you to precisely measure the deck height of any block. This unique tool measures from the main bearing bore to the deck surface of the block and can be used ... Read More »