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Quarter Master Optimum-RR 7.25″ Road Racing Clutch Kits

38815190TL Optimum-RR

Lake Zurich, IL – A new line of clutch kits from Quarter Master offers ultra-quick acceleration and deceleration with fast-and-smooth shifting characteristics. The latest in purebred race-clutch technology has arrived. Designed to fulfill the wishes of GM LS and Ford 5.0L Coyote road racers, Optimum-RR Road Racing Clutch Kits feature a NASCAR-derived, 7.25″ three-disc clutch with a fully rebuildable cover. The ... Read More »

Quarter Master 1.4 kW Ultra-Duty Starter For Idler Gear Clutchless Bellhousing Kits


Lake Zurich, IL – This new hand-built starter from Quarter Master serves as a reverse-mount, standard-rotation replacement for Bert, Brinn or Falcon bellhousings using an idler gear. Quarter Master has poured years of racing experience and engineering know-how into its 1.4 kW Ultra-Duty™ Starter for Idler Gear Clutchless Bellhousing Kits. Designed specifically for dirt racing applications with a 65-tooth flywheel, ... Read More »

Quarter Master 10.4″ Street Stock Clutches

Street Stock Clutch 640

Lake Zurich, IL – New 10.4″Street Stock Clutches from Quarter Master® are built for circle track applications that require stock-type components. Quarter Master® 10.4″ Street Stock Clutch and flywheel packages were developed for racing classes where competitors must run a stock-type, single-disc clutch. These clutches’ cutting-edge features translate into the lowest possible moment of inertia (MOI) and deliver a performance ... Read More »

Quarter Master Optimum-SR™ 10.4″ Single-Disc LS Clutch Kits


Lake Zurich, IL – The single-disc LS clutch kit is a lower-cost alternative to the Quarter Master two-disc setup. The one-disc option features less rotating mass than stock, while delivering stock pedal feel and chatter-free operation. Those looking for a true racing clutch with factory driving characteristics will find Quarter Master Optimum-SR™ 10.4″ Single-Disc LS Clutch Kits ideal. The kit’s lighter ... Read More »

Quarter Master Technology Explained Video: Optimum-SR™ 10.4″ Two-Disc LS Clutches


Lake Zurich, IL – The latest video from Quarter Master helps viewers understand the features and benefits of the new Optimum-SR™ 10.4″ Two-Disc LS Clutches. Optimum-SR™ 10.4″ Two-Disc LS Clutches from Quarter Master combine the ability to handle 1,000 ft./lbs. of torque with very streetable manners in the form of a pedal force that is only ten percent higher than stock. ... Read More »

Quarter Master Lightweight Steel Flexplates


Lake Zurich, IL – Built for block-mounted starter applications, lightweight Quarter Master Flexplates are built to withstand the most demanding engine conditions. Steel Quarter Master Flexplates for Ford and Chevy applications are engineered to stand up to the stresses of modern, high-RPM racing engines. All flexplates from Quarter Master are designed to mesh perfectly with a corresponding Ultra-Duty™ Starter for a reliable ... Read More »

Quarter Master Aluminum Driveshafts, Yokes & U-Joints

188000 (2)

Lake Zurich, IL – Lightweight aluminum driveshafts, yokes and u-joints from Quarter Master work together to provide smooth driving characteristics free of frustrating, performance-robbing vibrations. All driveshafts from Quarter Master offer the maximum in weight reduction and decreased moment of inertia, in addition to high strength and durability. The company’s revolutionary aluminum driveshafts are built with a two-part, weld-free assembly process that ... Read More »

Quarter Master DS Rear Mount Starter Bellhousing Kit


Lake Zurich, IL – This unique Quarter Master DS bellhousing kit enhances handling characteristics by placing weight low on the left side of the engine. The Quarter Master DS Rear Mount Starter Bellhousing Kit With Left-Side Oil Pump Mount is machined to accept a dry sump bracket that locates the oil pump to the left side of the bellhousing. This feature ... Read More »

Quarter Master Billet Bearing Retainers For LS Clutch Slave Cylinders


Lake Zurich, IL – New stock replacement bearing retainers from Quarter Master are designed to improve the durability of the stock concentric slave cylinder found in a variety of 6-speed LS applications. Made of durable steel, Quarter Master Billet Bearing Retainers For LS Clutch Slave Cylinders are designed to be a direct replacement for the plastic bearing retainers found in stock ... Read More »

Quarter Master Optimum-SR™ 10.4″ Two-Disc LS Clutches


Lake Zurich, IL – Quarter Master brings race-winning clutch technology to the street with new Optimum-SR™ 10.4″ Two-Disc LS Clutches. These clutches deliver a nearly stock pedal feel and are capable of handling 1400 horsepower and 1000 ft.-lbs. of torque. Quarter Master, the industry leader in driveline technology, has continued its winning ways this season with brand-new Optimum-SR™ 10.4″ Two-Disc ... Read More »