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TCI Ford Mustang 5.0L Coyote Machined Flexplate


Ashland, MS – A new Mustang flexplate from TCI provides a bolt-on upgrade over the stock component. It is a must for high-stall converters. Late model Mustangs are capable of producing tremendous amounts of horsepower and torque. The SFI 29.1-approved, TCI Ford Mustang 5.0L Coyote Machined Flexplate provides the strength, rigidity and durability required for the most powerful applications from the blue ... Read More »

TCI Bolt-together Converters For Ford 6R80 Applications

torque converter

Ashland, MS – Single-Disc, 6R80 bolt-together torque converters from TCI are the only high-stall converters on the market that bolt into 5.0 Coyote V8 Mustangs and other Ford applications with no tuning required. These revolutionary new TCI converters feature woven-carbon friction and lock-up control technology which seamlessly applies the clutch. Each one features a removable, billet front that allows access to the ... Read More »

TCI Outlaw Shifter Updated, Available Black

TCI Outlaw Black Shifter

Ashland, MS – The newest shifter from TCI retains all of the benefits of the popular original Outlaw version, and it is now available in a sleek, black design. Total and accurate control of transmission gear selection is critical when choosing the right shifter for your vehicle. The TCI Outlaw Blackout Shifter is rugged enough to handle both street and race duty, ... Read More »

TCI GM 4L80E/4L85E Chrome-Plated Stock-Depth Transmission Pan


Ashland, MS – This new chrome transmission pan from TCI offers customers a way to dress up their 4L80E/4L85E and 6x Six-Speed transmissions. It is the only stock-depth pan on the market. The transmission pan has often been an overlooked part of the drivetrain—until now. As the only stamped, stock-depth pan available on the aftermarket, this new piece was designed for optimal ... Read More »

TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmission Packages


Ashland, MS – The next generation of the 6x Six-Speed™ Transmission from TCI® features a new overrun clutch apply. This increases the torque capacity and adds to the durability of the overdrive roller clutch. New package options offer nearly all the transmission components enthusiasts need from just one manufacturer. The original TCI® 6x Six-Speed™ Transmission provided six forward gears and ... Read More »

TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmissions


Ashland, MS – The next generation of the 6x Six-Speed Transmission from TCI features overrun clutch apply to increase the torque capacity of the transmission and the durability of the overdrive roller clutch. The original TCI 6x Six-Speed Transmission provided six forward gears and fully programmable automatic or manual shifting for improved acceleration and fuel economy at cruising speeds. Now the engineers ... Read More »

TCI 4L60E Valve Body Offers Engine Braking For Competition


Ashland, MS – The new TCI 4L60E Valve Body is designed to provide engine braking for autocross, road racing and off-road racing applications. Engine braking helps slow a vehicle when downshifting into turns. The TCI 4L60E Valve Body accomplishes this by applying the overrun clutches, which in turn also increases torque capacity and relieves stress on the forward clutch sprag in GM ... Read More »

TCI Ford 6R80 High-Stall, Lock-Up Torque Converters


Ashland, MS – The latest bolt-together torque converters from TCI feature increased stall speeds and lock-up clutch torque capacity for 5.0 Coyote Mustang owners, while also allowing for easy stall changes. TCI High-Stall, Lock-Up Torque Converters for Ford 6R80 applications are specifically designed for 2011 and up Mustangs. Their high-stall nature gets the engine to max torque and multiplies it as the ... Read More »

TCI AUTO-X GM LS 4L60E Transmission Package


Ashland, MS – This new transmission package from TCI provides engine braking for all GM LS and 1998-2002 F-Body applications. It includes a TCI EZ-TCU along with a paddle shifter. TCI AUTO-X GM 4L60E Transmission Package When driving in autocross, road racing or off-road competitions, engine braking is a necessity when slowing down to enter turns. The TCI AUTO-X GM LS 4L60E Transmission ... Read More »

TCI Black Logo T-Shirt


Ashland, MS – The newest shirt from TCI Automotive features the brand’s updated logo on a black background and is available for just $9.95, with special pricing at select events. The TCI Black Logo T-Shirt was designed to be a value apparel option for those looking to support the leading drivetrain brand. The black shirt features a small version of the red-and-white ... Read More »