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TCI PRO-X™ 10″ Race Torque Converters


Ashland, MS – Newly redesigned TCI Pro-X™ 10″ Race Torque Converters increase performance on race engines with Turbo (TH) transmissions, or Powerglides with a GM 30-spline turbo input shaft and 27-spline stator tube. PRO-X™ 10″ Race Converters from TCI have received a serious upgrade. Long a leader in the performance market, this converter series now has a redesigned, hand-built stator optimizing ... Read More »

TCI High Torque Starters


Ashland, MS – High torque starters from TCI are built to make more cranking power than stock to effectively fire up your high performance engine time after time. Many performance applications demand a great deal of torque for cranking, however, if your starter isn’t up to the task that high-powered engine might not start at all. That’s why TCI offers high ... Read More »

TCI Bolt-Together Torque Converters For GM 6L80E Transmissions


Ashland, MS – TCI Bolt-Together Torque Converters for GM 6L80E Transmissions are purpose-built to improve launch and overall performance. They have been proven to pick up seven-tenths of a second in the 1/8 mile. Each one can be completely disassembled and serviced; removing the billet front provides access to the entire lock-up assembly, turbine, stator and bearings. Built with patent-pending ... Read More »

TCI Ford C6 Valve Body


Ashland, MS – This valve body from TCI is designed to provide engine braking in all forward gears in a manual, reverse shift pattern, thereby creating a stronger and more durable Ford C6 transmission. The new TCI Ford C6 Valve Body provides engine braking in all forward gears, thereby reducing the amount of stress on the failure-prone sprag. The result is ... Read More »

TCI Die Cast Deep Aluminum Pans For Powerglide Transmissions


Ashland, MS – Designed for street or racing applications, these die cast deep aluminum pans from TCI allow for a higher fluid capacity and have patent-pending design features to assist in removing heat from Powerglide transmissions. Built to be the very best Powerglide pans on the market, TCI Die Cast Deep Aluminum Pans for Powerglide Transmissions incorporate patent-pending, heat dissipating “inverted-dimples” ... Read More »

TCI Flexplate For GM 6L80E Transmissions


Ashland, MS – The TCI Flexplate For GM 6L80E Transmissions is designed to stand up to all racing & performance conditions. Durability at high RPM can be compromised by an inferior flexplate. In order to prevent this common failure in performance applications utilizing GM 6L80 transmissions, such as 2010-Current Chevrolet Camaros and Pontiac G8s, TCI developed a precision-ground, high-tensile strength, steel ... Read More »

TCI Super StreetFighter™ GM 700R4 Transmission (1000+ HP)


Ashland, MS – The TCI Super StreetFighter™ GM 700R4 Transmission has gotten a facelift in the form of a higher horsepower rating and a brand new input shaft that greatly increases the torque capacity over the stock component. The original TCI Super StreetFighter™ Transmission bridged the gap between the StreetFighter™ series of transmissions and the full competition packages. The newest version ... Read More »

TCI Mechanical Diode For Race Torque Converters


Ashland, MS – The TCI Mechanical Diode For Race Applications provides increased holding capacity and durability over traditional torque converter sprags. Designed for extreme horsepower race applications, the TCI Mechanical Diode is made from heat-treated and nitrided steel components and simultaneously uses seven elements to engage the outer race, increasing holding capability over traditional sprags that only use one or two. ... Read More »

TCI Power Adder Optimized Torque Converters For 2012 Chevy Camaros


Ashland, MS – TCI Power Adder Optimized Torque Converters have been tailored to the requirements of 2012 Chevy Camaros with power adders. Designed specifically for the 2012 Chevy Camaro, these torque converters feature furnace brazed components and heat-treated splines, sprag races and hub for increased strength and durability. With a billet front and clutch assembly, they are capable of handling ... Read More »

TCI Electric Reversible Fan Kits


Ashland, MS – Electric Reversible Fan Kits from TCI cool your transmission and extend its durability and performance. Heat is the number one killer of automatic transmissions. The hotter the transmission fluid gets, the more damage is done to your transmission. When you add extra load, such as when towing a trailer or loading a vehicle for traveling, the temperature ... Read More »