The 1,000-HP Cam: Turbo LS Power


By Richard Holdener/Photos by Author We will skip right past the notion of whether you really need 1,000 hp, and jump right into how to get 1,000 hp. The reality is that most race cars have trouble putting four-digit power levels to the ground, let alone street cars, but since 1,000 hp seems to be the new 500 hp, let’s ... Read More »

Inglese-injected 1973 Ford Capri Road Racer

Inglese injected 1973 Capri

We talked with Jerry LaCoss during the Hot Rod Power Tour stop in Memphis. We were admiring his hopped up Ford Capri – a unique sight in the infield sea of muscle cars and late models. While we were impressed, we were even more intrigued by the car he said he was working on, and told him to shoot us ... Read More »

Inglese Coyote Intake Buildup


When Slam’d Mag called and asked us if we could trim out an Inglese system for a Ford Coyote, we said yes. We’ve worked with Hogan’s Racing Manifolds on past projects and knew the staff there would deliver a beautiful piece. True to form, they crafted a one-off aluminum intake, complete with a vacuum chamber and the proper flanges. The ... Read More »

Chevy High Performance – Modern Injection


In their May issue, the staff at Chevy High Performance combines nostalgic looks with the latest in engine management and tests their setup on the dyno at Westech. Thanks to Inglese™, FAST™, COMP Cams, Racing Head Service and TCI, the editors’ small block features a variety of aftermarket components to help it run smoothly. The engine features the Inglese™ EZ-EFI Eight-Stack System, ... Read More »

Super Chevy – Stacked And Packed


Michael Galimi and Super Chevy magazine see what happens when FAST™ and Ingelse™ teamed up to build an Eight Stack EZ-EFI Induction System that performs as well as it looks. Click on the attachment below to read the full article. We also encourage you to pick up the June 2011 issue of Super Chevy. Click on the link to see ... Read More »