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You Have Performance & Fuel Mileage too?


The COMP Performance Group™ Techs often receive questions on how to increase fuel mileage in performance vehicles that are driven regularly. Most of the vehicles in question are street/strip applications that use flat tappet cams, carburetors and non lock-up transmissions. These older technologies may be the cause of the poor mileage problem. The ability of today’s cars to run more ... Read More »

Installing A FAST™ XFI™ System In A 1964 Fuel Injected HEMI Dodge


Rich Nedbal’s first Mopar was a 1964 Dodge 2-door hardtop that he bought in 1963 after graduating from high school. It had a 305 HP 2 barrel 383. Sooner or later we all want to rebuild that special first car. So in 2000 he went looking for a 1964 Dodge carcass. He found a very straight car in Washington State ... Read More »

GM High-Tech Performance Covers XFI 2.0™ University


GM High-Tech Performance takes an in-depth look at XFI 2.0™ University, a class put on by FAST™ and EFI University for amateurs and professional tuners alike. Click on the PDF attachment below to read the full article. We also encourage you to buy the August 2011 issue of GM High-Tech Performance. To sign up for the next XFI 2.0™ University ... Read More »

GM High-Tech Performance – LS7UP


In their July 2012 issue, the editorial staff at GM High-Tech Performance makes a serious LS upgrade. Read about how they dig into the Racing Head Service Pro Elite™ Aluminum LS7 Cylinder Heads and install them on a 2010 LS3 Camaro. The project also features a FAST™ LSXR™ 102mm intake manifold and the COMP Cams LS Trunion Kit. Click on the link ... Read More »

Chevy High Performance – LQ = HP


In the February 2012 issue, the Chevy High Performance staff drops a 6.0L LQ9 GM Gen III truck engine, originally found in a variety of mid 2000s General Motors trucks and SUVs, into a ’66 Chevelle. The engine package features an XR281HR camshaft from COMP Cams, along with RHS Pro Action Cylinder Heads with Clean Cast Technology™ and a 168-tooth internal ... Read More »

GM High-Tech Performance – Clean Cast And Fast


In the January 2012 issue, the team at GM High-Tech Performance bolts a set of aluminum RHS Pro Action™ Cylinder Heads featuring Clean Cast Technology™ to an LS1 engine in an attempt to create true budget performance. The package is finished off with a custom grind hydraulic roller cam, along with a set of pushrods a new adjustable timing set, ... Read More »

Chevy High Performance – Stoutly Shifted


In their March 2013 issue, the staff at Chevy High Performance picks out a variety of transmission components to install in their ’63 Nova hardtop project. The crew goes with parts from TCI, including a TH400 Drag Race Transmission, Outlaw ™ Shifter, torque converter and Max Shift™ Race Transmission Fluid. You can read about the the TCI components by clicking ... Read More »

Street Rodder – Shift Change


In their August issue, the editorial team at Street Rodder installs the TCI EZ-TCU™. Available for a variety of GM transmissions and the TCI 6x Six-Speed, the EZ-TCU™ allows for maximum electronic control over shift points, shift firmness and shift speed. No laptop or tuning experience is necessary. TCI Max Shift™ Synthetic Transmission Fluid is featured in the story as well. Read ... Read More »

American Muscle Car – Working Shifts


Dave Smith and American Car Magazine give a Fox Body Mustang cleaner and crisper shifts with a TCI Trans-Scat Valve Body Improvement Kit. Click on the attachment below to read the full article. We also encourage you to purchase the latest issue of American Car Magazine. Click on the link to see the American Muscle Car PDF. Read More »

Feelin’ Shifty – Super Chevy


In the April 2012 issue, the staff at Super Chevy installs a TCI FAST-GATE Shifter in their subject Camaro – an original 4-speed car that was converted to a TH400 at some point in its life. Click on the attachment below to read about the project. We also encourage you to pick up the April issue of Super Chevy. Click on ... Read More »