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COMP Cams And MTI Racing Work Together To Power The World Of GM Performance

Marietta, Georgia-based MTI Racing utilizes products from the COMP Performance Group™ to keep both its client’s hot rods and its staff’s own personal vehicles at the front of the pack.

After more than twenty years in business, MTI Racing has built a strong reputation in the motorsports world as one of the true one-stop shops for high performance needs. The company’s’ tremendous personal commitment to being involved with its customers and its products has led to rapid growth over the years. The company also employs a highly competent staff with backgrounds in engineering, fabrication, professional racing and expert troubleshooting.

MTI Racing is led by former World Challenge racer Reese Cox. The company grew during the pinnacle of rapidly-advancing race technology. Reese’s involvement in the Corvette Challenge Series paved the way for his becoming team manager for Tommy Morrison Racing, where he prepared the team’s ZR1 Corvettes for the 24 Hours of Daytona from 1991 to 1994. While acting as crew chief and engineer in the IMSA Invitational GT Series, Reese and crew clinched an SCCA GT-1 National Championship with GM engineer/pro driver John Heinricy. Reese’s attention to detail soon caught the attention of many of the sport’s top players and opened doors for him to work with a number of notable pro road racing teams, along with pro drivers such as Johnny Rutherford, Tommy Kendall, Andy Pilgrim and Boris Said.

As a racer in 1996 and 1997, Reese became the Southeast SCCA American Sedan champion with his MTI Racing-prepared Z28 Camaro. The next year Reese started competing on the pro level, driving in the SCCA World Challenge Series where he earned Rookie of the Year honors and placed 6th overall in series points. In 1999 Reese became part of the C5-R factory development team, establishing the new C5 Z06 Corvette package. His team was the first to campaign the C5 race car in the Speedvision World Challenge Series, and also raced in the Motorola Cup that same year. Cox applied all of that experience as a racer to MTI Racing.

“You can sit around the drawing board all day and conceptualize ideas, but sometimes until you are living it and feeling it you don’t know what’s good and what isn’t,” he explains. “My racing career has really helped me get an insight on giving our customers the most competitive edge possible. MTI Racing takes performance to a new level. If you are serious about drag racing, MTI Racing can take you to (that) next level. Nowhere else in the tuner market are you going to find the level of experience, both on track and off, thayou will find here. You can count on MTI Racing to develop products for your vehicle that are reliable and powerful.”

MTI Racing has also had no shortage of exposure in the motorsports television world. The company was featured on “Dream Car Garage” for thirteen episodes to highlight the latest innovations in the C6 Z06 Corvette. Viewers got an up-close view of MTI Racing’s Stage 1 street engine upgrade, Penske coil-over suspension, Aero Package, and the famous MTI Racing “Big Red” Sway Bar package. There was even a road course shootout between the host’s all-out vintage race car and the MTI Racing street Corvette. Although the show’s host gave it all he had, he was no match for the technology available from MTI Racing.

Meanwhile, the MTI Racing-prepared C5 Corvette of Paul Smith Jr. was a hot feature on the popular program Pinks All Out, on which the Vette won at Atlanta Dragway (Atlanta, Georgia). Several other Corvettes were participating among the 450 entries that would ultimately be pared down to a final 16. Smith was competing with a field of seasoned racers that had all qualified between 10.32 and 10.35 seconds for a heads up, arm-drop shootout with a $10,000 cash prize and an $8,000 set of tools and tool box on the line. Despite being informed by the Pinks All Out staff that a Corvette had never made it past the first round, Paul remained focused, hit the groove and ran through the field, winning every pass during the weekend to claim the illustrious win.

“That was a major television victory for Corvette owners and drag racing enthusiasts, and obviously it was a huge win for MTI Racing,” Cox says. “Not only did we do what had never been done, but we did it with dominance.”

While MTI Racing may be most notably known for its performance on the race track, the company has found diversity in dealing with all types of automotive needs. When most people think of MTI Racing, they likely think of custom engine upgrades, supercharger kits, coil-over conversions, racing products, dyno services and even on-site track support. However, what they probably don’t realize is that MTI Racing is a GM Service Provider which also offers basic maintenance such as oil changes, air conditioner service, transmission service and wheel alignments for your average passenger car.

“Success and growth in the world that we live in requires diversity, and at MTI Racing we can take care of the automotive needs of your family car, your hot rod, or even your 4×4 truck. Our knowledge and capabilities for just about any kind of vehicle are something that makes us really proud as a company,” Cox notes.

Since his company’s inception, Cox has also been a major proponent of COMP Performance Group™ products, and uses many of the parts and accessories in his various projects.

“Whether I’m using products from COMP Cams, FAST™ or RHS, I always know that I can count on the parts to give me and my clients the performance that we need and demand,” Cox says. “I never have a second thought when employing the use of products from any of these companies, and their customer service is always second to none.”

Images thanks to: www.mtiracing.com