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COMP Cams Camaro Restoration Nearing Completion

camaro in paint

With all of the panels straight and prepped, the GM White base coat was applied.

After many days of “dirty work,” the COMP Cams Camaro is now on the fun part of the build. With the body in paint and the RHS LS built and dyno-tested, things are looking better every day.

Gone are the days of looking for surprise rust and hogging old paint. Now that we are over the hump and on to paint and assembly, the day’s hard work is rewarded with visually satisfying shiny paint and new parts.

camaro dyno

The 454c.i. LS was installed on Butler’s dyno and put through its paces after a proper break-in period using Driven’s BR40 Break-in Oil.

The crew at Butler Performance in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, have enthusiastically branched into the LS market after years of making big power for Pontiacs. They assembled and dyno-tested the RHS-based LS, and V8 Speed & Resto Shop has nestled it into the Camaro’s subframe and hung the front sheet metal to begin the journey of turning it into a proud runner. They are working timely and efficiently, and we can’t thank them enough for their commitment and dedication to the project.

The Camaro’s original engine was a new-for-the-day SB2 NASCAR engine built by Richard Childress Racing. After living a less than easy life, the 700 HP mill was retired in lieu of a more updated engine to help showcase the COMP Performance Group product line and celebrate COMP Cams’ 40th anniversary.

A few mods were required to squeeze in the monster motor.

A few mods were required to squeeze in the monster motor.

It’s based upon an RHS LS block and heads and displaces 454 cubic inches. It’s topped with a FAST LSXR 102 mm intake and throttle body. With David Page tuning the FAST EZ-LS Ignition Control and XFI Sportsman Engine Management system, he and Rodney Butler were able to make the engine produce a whopping 690 HP and 619 lb-ft of torque at 6700 and 5100 RPM, respectively.

Other components on the engine, hooked to a TCI 6x transmission, include a Butler valley cover, COMP Cams gear drive and timing cover, a blueprinted oil pump from Schumann’s, and a Moroso oil pan. Wegner whittled out a trick set of two-piece valve covers that hide the coils and supplied one of their billet front pulley assemblies.

Currently, Kooks headers are being customized for installation.

For more information about Butler Performance, visit butler-ls.com or call 931-829-2200.