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COMP Cams Dual Conical Valve Springs

Memphis, TN – The brand new, dual conical spring assembly from COMP Cams is the first product to bring revolutionary dual conical technology to the marketplace for wide-ranging applications featuring lifts up to .800″.
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COMP Cams is setting trends in racing once again with the release of its new Dual Conical Valve Springs. This progressive-frequency design (decreasing diameter from bottom to top) provides far better valve control than can be achieved with a conventional valve spring assembly, and it does so using lower loads due to a lower dynamic mass. Because the top coils are far lighter in a conical spring, less force is needed to control the spring itself. The result is better overall control, less deflection and fewer parasitic horsepower losses, thereby netting more power.

Meanwhile, heat, wear and friction at the highest stress location of the outer spring (the ID) are the most common causes of failure in racing valve springs. The engineers at COMP have addressed this problem as well. As opposed to dual cylindrical spring systems, COMP Cams Dual Conical Valve Springs require no interference fit to dampen spring surge. The self-damping characteristic of conical geometry, along with the lower spring kinetic energy of the upper coils, provides a game-changing breakthrough in valve spring design. COMP Cams Dual Conical Valve Springs are constrained at the top and bottom with stepped retainers and spring seats to separate the two springs.  The result is that the springs’ naturally progressive nature can provide outstanding damping without rubbing friction or the associated heat and surface damage. This progressive frequency also increases the RPM limit and reduces resonance concerns, while Superfinish surface processing increases lift capability and spring life. This feature has allowed COMP engineers to maximize load without increasing wire size.

COMP Cams Dual Conical Valve Springs are designed for circle track, road race and drag racing applications, as well as all-out, high-RPM street/strip hydraulic roller valve train systems with optimized lifters.