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COMP Cams Dual Taper 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods

Memphis, TN – Dual Taper 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods from COMP Cams are specifically designed for use in high-end race applications and anywhere a larger diameter pushrod is needed to reduce flex, but where fitment clearance is tight.

Even the very best valve train will not perform well unless the correct parts are used. The strongest, best-designed pushrod in the world is useless if it doesn’t fit properly. At the same time, a smaller diameter pushrod that easily clears the intake port and the top of the lifter does not offer the stiffness necessary for the latest, more extreme valve train setups. New Dual Taper 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods from COMP Cams are designed with the middle of the pushrod being larger in diameter than the two ends.The extra clearance at the top and the bottom offers the benefits of a large, 7/16″ pushrod combined with the clearance of a 3/8″ option for a higher-flowing intake port. The pushrods are also tapered to clear the top of most offset roller lifters. Both 5/16″ ball ends have a 210° radius to provide additional clearance to the rocker arm adjuster at peak lift. The thicker .165″ wall is stiffer and stronger than previous .125″ wall offerings, thereby providing more accurate valve motion and durability. The pushrods are made from one-piece, heat-treated 4130 chromemoly steel tubing, which makes them stronger than most pushrods on the market today. COMP Cams Dual Taper 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods are made in the USA and offered in lengths ranging from 7.400″ through 10.000″ in 0.050″ increments, meaning there is an option for virtually any application. They are available individually or in sets of 16.

Quick Facts

Product: COMP Cams Dual Taper 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods
Part Number: Application Specific (See Chart)
Street Price: $228.96 (Set of 16)
Social Media Pitch: COMP Cams  Dual Taper 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods clear tight fits & enable a larger option w/ increased strength & stiffness
Features & Benefits:
•Provides benefits of larger 7/16″ dia. pushrod but tapers to 3/8″ dia. where clearance is most problematic
•7/16″ dia. increases stiffness & resonant frequency for improved valve train dynamics & higher RPM
•210° radius tip on both ends of pushrod provides additional clearance to rocker arm at peak lift
•Thicker .165″ wall is stiffer & stronger than .125″ option for more accurate & full valve motion
•Full range of competitively-priced pushrods kept in stock & available in 0.050″ increments, covering a wide variety of applications

Pushrods - Dual Taper