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COMP Cams Straight 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods

Memphis, TN – Straight 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods from COMP Cams are the strongest, stiffest pushrods available when clearances allow for a large diameter on both ends.

COMP Cams Straight, 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods incorporate technology that was originally developed for NASCAR and NHRA race engines. Pushrods in many of these applications experience impact loads of up to 7500 pounds, meaning the incorrect choice can cause catastrophic failure. The additional stiffness and higher natural frequency of a 7/16″diameter pushrod is a significant advantage in any application that has ample intake port and lifter clearance. The main bodies of these new components from COMP Cams feature a straight 7/16″ O.D. that tapers down to a 210° radius, 5/16″ ball end. The radii on each end provide clearance for the rocker adjuster at high lift and allow the pushrods to be installed either “up” or “down.” The pushrods have a consistent .165″ wall thickness, even in the tapered ends, which is thicker, stiffer and stronger than common .080″ or .125″ wall designs. These pushrods are made in the USA from heat-treated, one-piece chromemoly tubing, which is much stronger than typical 1000 series steels and will better handle extreme valve train setups. COMP Cams  Straight 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods are available off the shelf in lengths ranging from 7.400″ to 10.000″, in .050″ increments, to provide a wide range of options for engine builders. They are available individually or in full sets of 16.

Quick FactsStraight Pushrods

Product: COMP Cams Straight 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods
Part Numbers: See Chart for Full Listing
Street Price: $188.00 (Set of 16)
Social Media Pitch: COMP Cams Straight 7/16″, .165″ Wall Pushrods feature a strong, stiff wall & are used when clearances allow for lg. dia. on each end
Features & Benefits:
•Increased stiffness & higher natural frequency of 7/16″ wall provides performance advantage in applications w/ ample intake port & lifter clearance
•5/16″, 210° radius on both ends provides clearance for rocker adjuster at high lift
•Consistent .165″ wall is thicker, stiffer & stronger than common wall designs
•Made in USA from 4130 chromemoly tubing to better handle extreme loading at the highest engine speeds
•Available in lengths from 7.400″ to 10.000″ – in .050″ increments – for a wide variety of applications