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COMP Cams Titanium Retainers Enhance Valve Train Stability

Memphis, TN – New titanium retainers from COMP Cams feature a significant reduction in total weight when compared to other retainer offerings, allowing for improved valve train performance.

COMP Cams Titanium Retainers Cutting-edge COMP Cams Titanium Retainers feature a high strength-to-weight ratio optimized using Finite Element Analyses (FEA). FEA is a computerized process that predicts how a product will react to real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow and other physical effects. This process allowed COMP engineers to establish the structural integrity of their revolutionary lightweight retainer design. The result is greater valve train stability than ever before.

Each retainer is made from a 6AL-4V alloy and is CNC-machined to exacting tolerances using the latest CAD software. The CAD-developed contour design both optimizes stress flow and reduces mass. The new titanium retainers also feature a high-quality surface finish with eye-catching aesthetics that include a laser-etched COMP Cams logo and part number on the top face. This allows for easy identification. In addition, COMP Cams Titanium Retainers consolidate options by replacing six of the brand’s top-selling retainers. They are available for most popular applications.

Quick Facts

Product: COMP Cams Titanium Retainers

Part Numbers:

#730 (1.437″); #731 (1.500″); #732; #733 (1.625″) For use with dual valve springs

 #735 (1.625″ + .050″ over #739); #739 (1.625″)  For use with triple valve springs

Street Price: Call for Pricing

 Social Media Pitch: New COMP Cams Titanium Retainers are made from a 6AL-4V alloy & feature a lightweight design that enhances valve train stability

 Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight retainer profile with high-strength to weight ratio enhances valve train stability
  • CNC-machined using latest CAD software to produce a quality surface finish & good aesthetics
  • Laser-etched with COMP Cams logo & part number for easy identification

View the PDF: COMP Cams Titanium Retainers Enhance Valve Train Stability