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COMP Performance Group™ Makes Key Internal Hire

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Memphis, TN – The COMP Performance Group™ prides itself on winning performance and unmatched quality, both on the track and the street. This requires hiring the best employees possible, and CPG continues to push forward by hiring Dan McKinstry as the new Director of Supply Chain Management.

McKinstry brings with him 25 years of supply chain experience, both with mid-size and large companies. His skills include creating and implementing new supply chain processes, inventory optimization, executing statistical forecasting technology, and designing centralized demand planning processes. He has also successfully fulfilled a number of management roles. As the Director of Supply Chain, McKinstry will oversee the team responsible for purchasing, master scheduling/planning/forecasting, inventory control and project management.

McKinstry’s education includes a BA in Economics and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He and his wife, Monique, have two sons and reside in Germantown, TN.

“Dan has worked for large corporations previously – ones that are known for efficiency – and we aspire to run our companies with that same kind of productivity. The knowledge and experience that he brings to the table is unparalleled. We look forward to becoming the best version of the COMP Performance Group possible, and Dan is a key to making that happen,” says COMP Performance Group™ Chief Operations Officer Chris Douglas.


Dan McKinstry

Dan McKinstry COMP Performance Group™ Director of Supply Chain

About The COMP Performance Group™

Based in Memphis, TN, the COMP Performance Group™ is a family of aftermarket performance companies that includes such brands as COMP Cams®, TCI®, FAST®, RHS®, ZEX™, Inglese™ and many others. Winning performance, superior engineering and unmatched quality form its foundation, and from the street to the strip, circle track to road racing, the COMP Performance Group™ touches the lives of performance enthusiasts everywhere. Whether your vehicle is classic or modern, domestic or foreign, CPG has the product solution your powertrain needs. We are “The Brands That Power the Performance Aftermarket.” Visit us online at CPGNation.com, or on Facebook at facebook.com/CPGWins, Twitter at twitter.com/CPGNation, Instagram at instagram.com/cpgnationlive or YouTube at CPGNationTV.com.

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