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COMP Performance Group™ Strengthens Its Sales Force

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Mark Donnelly joins the team from Seattle, WA, as the new West Coast Territory Manager for the COMP Performance Group™. He has worked in all aspects of the automotive aftermarket for 23 years, including shop work as a teenager, warehouse picker/packer, WD sales, retail, repair/service, manufacturer sales and, most importantly, is an avid automotive enthusiast. With extensive knowledge in fuel injection and drivetrain/powertrain upgrades, Donnelly’s most recent position was with Vision X Global Lighting Systems, an aftermarket LED lighting manufacturer. 

Coming from a family of gearheads, Donnelly’s addiction started with a 1972 Chevy Nova and moved on to Mustangs and sport bikes, but he currently owns a Jeep Wrangler and spends free time off-roading with his wife of 10 years, Deborah, and volunteering with several non-profit off-road groups. 

“Mark is an outstanding new member of the team,” says COMP Performance Group™ Outside Sales Group Director, Mark Campbell. “As an enthusiast and former customer of COMP Performance Group brands, he has a unique perspective of the aftermarket, allowing us to better serve existing customers and establish relationships with new ones, as well as develop new product ideas based on the needs of the market.” 

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 About The COMP Performance Group™ 

Based in Memphis, TN, the COMP Performance Group™ is a family of aftermarket performance companies that includes such brands as COMP Cams®, TCI®, FAST®, RHS®, Quarter Master®, ZEX™, Inglese™ and many others. Winning performance, superior engineering and unmatched quality form its foundation, and from the street to the strip, circle track to road racing, the COMP Performance Group™ touches the lives of performance enthusiasts everywhere. Whether your vehicle is classic or modern, domestic or foreign, CPG has the product solution your powertrain needs. We are “The Brands That Power the Performance Aftermarket.” Visit us online at CPGNation.com, or on Facebook at facebook.com/CPGWins, Twitter at twitter.com/CPGNation, Instagram at instagram.com/cpgnationlive or YouTube at CPGNationTV.com. 

Media Contact: Trent Goodwin, tgoodwin@compcams.com, 901.795.2400 

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