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COMP Performance Group Video Crew Reaches Lofty Heights With New Drone

Video production is more important than ever as technology and new media popularity progress. The dynamic advantage of moving images is quickly integrating itself into everything from web pages and social media to email. It’s a fast-paced world and keeping viewers captivated is crucial for communication.

DCIM100MEDIAEnter “CAM Air” the drone. The COMP Performance Group Video Team has recently added the unique vantage point of a drone to their ability in capturing events and feature footage, acquiring shots previously reserved for birds and boom trucks. This new equipment will be used to capture event footage and B-roll for COMP Cams, TCI, FAST, RHS, ZEX, Quarter Master and Inglese projects.

“While we sell performance products,” says Chris Douglas, Vice President of Marketing, “we understand the importance of capturing and promoting the excitement and passion people have for automobiles. CAM Air gives us the ability to take our imagery from the traditional viewpoint of conventional photography and cinematography to unique vantage points often previously thought impossible without a lot of effort.

“It allows us to create video and still images that we are not used to seeing, and they are very compelling. Some of them are simply breathtaking. It’s expanding the limits of visual imagery in general and we’re very excited. It’s going to be a huge benefit to our marketing department.”

Check out the sample video and keep an eye out for more compelling videos from CPG in the near future.