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Dyno Testing the New COMP Cams Stage 2 LST Turbo Camshaft!

When Speed Secrets works with the experts at COMP Cams, that can only mean one thing – cam tests! On this episode, it’s not time for just any cam test, but an LS cam test, and a turbo LS cam at that. The cams being put to test today are the LST, or Low Shock Technology cams.

What is the LST cam line? COMP designed these cams to offer enhanced valve train stability, to improve the durability of the valve train. Improve RPM potential is another great characteristic of these cams – which is extremely beneficial as the RPM of these engines continue to go up and up, making higher RPM stability critical.

The test engine is a boost-ready 5.3-liter with a stock bottom end, ported cylinder heads, a FAST LSXR intake manifold and matching 102mm throttle body, FAST coil packs, and FAST fuel injectors. Run with the factory cam, single turbo and intercooler, and 10 pounds of boost, the turbo engine produces 651-horsepower and 711 lbs-ft of torque.

Now that the baseline is established, it’s time to install the LST cam. This cam has a .605/.610 lift duration split, a 231/237 duration split, and 115 LSA. Running the turbo engine once again with 10 pounds of boost, the results are an increase of horsepower to 796-horsepower and 744 lbs-ft of torque. This cam has passed the test!

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