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Engine Builder Duel Rules

COMP Cams® Engine Builder Duel Presented by Snap-on

Rules for Competition

The purpose of this competition is to assemble the engine using the provided parts then run that engine for one (1) minute.  The person or team with the lowest time will be declared the winner of the competition.

The rules for the competition are as follows:

  • The tools and accessories provided are the only tools and accessories allowed.  Do not use a torque wrench to rotate the engine.
  • All supplied bolts, fasteners and gaskets must be used.
  • All critical bolts must be tightened to the specified torque.  A critical bolt is defined as a main cap, a rod cap, a head bolt or a balancer bolt.  If a critical bolt is found loose during tear-down, a one (1) minute penalty per bolt or nut will be added to that team’s completion time.
  • All other bolts must be tightened accordingly.  Any other bolts found loose during inspection will be subject to a thirty (30) second penalty.
  • The engines use hydraulic roller tappets.  These tappets will need to be adjusted.  For the purpose of this competition, we will be setting them at ½ turn preload.  An unadjusted valve will be subject to a thirty (30) second penalty.
  • The valves must be set and the valve covers installed before the engine is fired.
  • All builds will be supervised by an inspector appointed by COMP Cams®.  If the inspector sees a problem and advises that it be addressed, failure to adequately address those concerns is reason for immediate disqualification.
  • The build inspector is the only person allowed to activate the Master Power Switch.  Participants control the ignition switch and starter button only.  The inspector also determines when the one (1) minute running period is over and will shut down the engine.  The inspector will also determine if the engine is suffering a catastrophic failure and has the discretion to shut the engine off early.  If this happens, the clock is to continue running.
  • Should some type of accident or problem arise, the Build leader can call a “Time-Out”.  At this instance, the clock will be paused and all work is to stop immediately.  Once the situation is resolved, the Build leader will announce the resumption of building and resume the clock.  Failure to stop working when a time out is called will result in immediate disqualification.
  • The parts laid out on the tables are not to be moved until competition begins.
  • Do not disassemble the parts any more than they are.
  • The front struts must be attached before firing the engine.