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Facts About COMP Cams You Probably Didn’t Know

Below are some random facts about COMP Cams, its employees and its world class performance products. Take a few minutes to get to know more about the Absolute Leader In Valve Train Technology.

  • The COMP Cams Technical Services Group handles well over 1500 phone calls and hundreds of emails/instant chats each day from 7-8 CST during the week and on Saturday from 9-4 CST. On any given day there are 15 phone technicians and 8 email/instant chat technicians answering customer inquiries. The highest call volume is normally on Monday with a slight decrease in volume each day throughout the course of the week.
  • The web-browser-navigable CamQuest™ has been utilized over 100,000 times since its debut; it is the only FREE program of its kind in the world.
  • Every day, COMP Cams ships 800-900 small packages and 12-15 palletized orders. Our Memphis headquarters is less than one mile from the FedEx Worldwide hub and the Memphis International Airport.
  • Cam grinder Kenny Arendale was hired in 1976 and was the first official employee of Competition Cams. Today, he is still grinding cams and has multiple NHRA and NASCAR championships to his credit. Kenny spent years grinding cams on manual Berco grinders, but today has made the transition to our Okuma CNC grinding equipment. In fact, there may not be anyone in the world who has personally ground more camshafts than Kenny!
  • Receptionist Ethel Pilgrim has been the friendly voice of COMP Cams for almost 20 years.
  • Approximately 300 people work for COMP Cams at our Memphis, Tennessee, headquarters. Of those employees, 16 have over 25 years of service and several employees have never held a job outside of the COMP Performance Group™ family of companies.
  • COMP Cams currently has two company hot rods/project vehicles: a red convertible 1969 Mustang and a white convertible 1969 Camaro RS. Both have been featured in popular automotive magazines, such as Car Craft, throughout the years. In addition, both cars are officially Hot Rod Power Tour “Long Haulers,” despite producing over 700 horsepower each.
  • The current COMP Cams headquarters spans over 250,000 sq. feet and includes a literal maze of buildings that have been added to and expanded over the years to accommodate the growth.
  • COMP Cams was instrumental in the development of the Spintron and today uses 2 Spintron cells with proprietary valve motion software in daily product development.
  • The COMP Cams lobby features a stock car hood that has been signed by many of the biggest names in the racing world during their visits to Memphis. In fact, the centerpiece signature (Dale Earnhardt Sr.) on the hood is very hard to see today as a result of an over-eager cleaning lady using harsh cleaning chemicals many years ago.
  • COMP Cams and the COMP Performance Group™ are privately owned by longtime partners Ron Coleman and Paul “Scooter” Brothers.

Chris Douglas
Vice President of Marketing
COMP Performance Group™

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