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FAST™ Complete Fuel Systems

Memphis, TN – The engineers at FAST™ have taken the next step in making electronic fuel injection easier by introducing a variety of FASTComplete Fuel System Kits.

Covering all street performance applications as well as most bracket and super class drag racing categories, FASTComplete Fuel System Kits are the ideal choice for your fuel injection needs, whether you’re switching from carburetion to EFI, building new high horsepower EFI engines or just upgrading your current fuel system. FASTComplete Fuel System Kits employ the use of component-matched systems, and horsepower capabilities up to 1900 HP, depending on whether you use a forced induction or naturally aspirated engine. FAST™ kits include fuel pump, pre-filter, post-filter, Y-block and fuel regulator, in addition to the system fittings and wiring harness. The components used in creating the FASTComplete Fuel System Kits are made of aluminum and stainless steel, so you can count on years of top quality, dependable service.

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Product: FASTComplete Fuel Systems
Part Number: App-specific
Street Price: Call for pricing
Social Media Pitch: FAST™ offers complete fuel systems for street applications to super class drag racing cars
Features & Benefits:
•Covers street applications and a wide range of drag racing classes, meaning there is a system for nearly every discipline
•Includes fuel pump, pre-filter, post-filter, y-block, fuel regulators and everything needed for a system upgrade
•Aluminum and stainless steel components built for years of durable service