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FAST® E7 Programmable Ignition & E93 Coil Kit

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Memphis, TN – The FAST® E7 Programmable Ignition delivers the power and precision required when dealing with the high compression, screaming RPM and power adders used in today’s racing engines. And it’s now paired in a kit with the FAST® E93 Coil for the best spark output. 

The capacitive discharge ignition provides up to 160mJ of energy and +- ½ degree of timing accuracy. The powerful spark is matched to a multi-strike function below 3,000 RPM, which keeps the engine running clean and crisp. The E7 Programmable Ignition features two adjustable rev limiters, one for high RPM engine protection and one that can be used while staged and waiting for the green light. To ensure the ultimate in reliability, the E7 is also completely encased in soft urethane for protection against vibration and moisture. Adjusting the timing features of the E7 is easy with the FAST® I-COM™ software that allows you to create a custom timing curve for your engine, adjust a single stage of nitrous timing retard, and set up to 20 degrees of automatic start retard.

A perfect complement to the FAST E7 Ignition control module is the E93 Coil. E-Core coils are a more efficient design than the old canister style coils thanks to a closed magnetic path. This means less inductance loss with improved energy transfer to create an improved spark. This coil was engineered from the inside out to handle the needs of race engines. Inside the low profile coil housing is heavy gauge wiring for use on both sets of windings, resulting in a highly effective turns ratio of 60:1. The internals are encapsulated in urethane for protection against extreme vibration and abuse from racing environments. The secondary tower is also lengthened to aid in spark isolation and terminal connection.

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The FAST® E7 Programmable Ignition & E93 Coil Kit is ideal for any street, drag or circle track application where reliable, powerful ignition is required. 

About FAST®

In 2001, FAST® was acquired by the COMP Performance Group™ and moved its headquarters to Memphis, TN, to become the popular electronics company that we know today. After more than a decade in the performance aftermarket industry, FAST® is the recognized leader in advanced EFI technology. Now, not only does FAST® offer the components to adapt virtually any engine to fuel injection, it is also an emerging force in the ignition market. With the latest in easy-to-use electrical components, the experts at FAST® have everything that you need to make high-tech horsepower. 

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