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FAST To Present Electronic Fuel Injection System Training Classes In 2015

Memphis, TN – Today EFI is more popular than ever, but for some performance enthusiasts there is still mystery in how it works. As a result, this year the industry leader will be presenting classes on the topic to those who have made the switch or are considering doing so.


During the 2015 calendar year FAST is scheduled to host three two-day events at its Memphis headquarters where attendees can learn about the brand’s fuel injection products and gain some valuable hands-on experience. Scheduled for weekends in April, June and September, the programs are entitled “Intro to FAST Fuel Injection Systems.” An introduction to the self tuning FAST EZ-EFI will be presented on Saturday, while the more advanced XFI is reserved for Sunday. The EZ-EFI class will cover basic EFI terms, EFI components, a simple explanation of how electronic fuel injection works and the dos and don’ts of installation. The day will finish with an installation on a vehicle from unboxing the kit to cranking the engine and performing troubleshooting exercises. The intro to FAST XFI unit the following day picks up where the first day concludes and covers best installation practices, initial setup of the system, a detailed hands-on demonstration of optimizing the cranking/warm-up process, obtaining the best idle quality and part & wide-open-throttle tuning for fuel and spark.

Attendees can register for either day or sign up for both classes to get the best deal. Registration costs $75 for Intro to EZ-EFI, while Intro to XFI is $100. The cost for both programs is $150. To further sweeten the offer, all registered participants will receive double their registration fee back toward any FAST EZ-EFI kit or XFI system purchased within 12 months of their course date. Classes will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will wrap up around 6:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided. For more information and to register, contact David Page at 901-375-3492 or email dpage@fuelairspark.com.

The classes are scheduled for the following dates: April 18 & 19 (SOLD OUT); June 13 & 14; September 19 & 20 (SOLD OUT)


Click on the link to see the PDF: FAST To Present Electronic Fuel Injection System Training Classes In 2015