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FAST™ Quick Tech Video: Setting Up An EFI Fuel System

Memphis, TN – The latest Quick Tech Video from FAST™ walks the viewer through the selection of an EFI fuel system and offers helpful tips for the installation process.

Swapping from a carburetor to electronic fuel injection offers a variety of advantages in the form of better drivability, cold starts, mileage and power. However, while carbureted applications utilize an engine-driven, mechanical pump that delivers 4-5 psi, an EFI system needs about 40 psi. This makes it necessary to use an electronic fuel pump and change over some plumbing. In this video, Power Automedia’s Paul Huizenga explains to viewers the difference between FAST™ return-style and returnless fuel systems, as well as in-tank and in-line fuel pumps. He provides the benefits of each and serves as a guide for the installation procedures. Brian Reese, COMP Performance Group™ VP of Engineering, also appears to explain why an in-tank pump is the FAST™ recommended choice.

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Quick Tech Video: Setting Up An EFI Fuel System
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