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FAST Releases 2016 Master And Ignition Catalogs

CatalogsMemphis, TN – Thanks to a variety of new products slated for introduction in the next calendar year, FAST has developed two new catalogs: one covering all components and one specifically for its ignition offerings.

Longstanding EFI and emerging ignition leader FAST has recently unveiled 96 pages of detailed information on all of its products.  The new Master Catalog includes 64 full-color pages featuring each of the brand’s self-tuning fuel injection systems, along with application guides and ordering checklists for all available EFI systems. The Master Catalog also spotlights new manifolds and runner sets, along with XFI Sportsman kits for blower applications, the EZ-EFI Marine Self-Tuning Engine Control System, Plug & Play Dry Nitrous Systems for GM LS Engines and an introduction to ignition products. Meanwhile the new FAST Ignition Catalog features 32 pages of full-color photos and detailed product information covering ignition systems, distributors, crank triggers, coils, points conversion, spark plug wires and much more. It is a must-have for enthusiasts and racers demanding cutting-edge technology.

Both new FAST catalogs are available for download or order at www.fuelairspark.com and www.cpgcatalogs.com. They can also be found at shows, races and other events throughout the year.

Quick Facts

Products: FAST 2016 Master and Ignition Catalogs

Part Numbers: #F2016-1 (Master); #F2016-2 (Ignition)

Social Media Pitch: FAST has recently introduced both a 2016 Master Catalog and Ignition Catalog

Features & Benefits:

  • 64-Page Master Catalog includes product info & tech help covering EFI systems, manifolds, fuel system components & ignition products
  • 32-Page Ignition Catalog provides detail on ignition systems, distributors, crank triggers & related components + FAQs & tech info
  • Each new full-color catalog is available at fuelairspark.com & www.cpgcatalogs.com, as well as shows, races & other events

View the PDF: FAST Releases 2016 Master And Ignition Catalogs