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FAST To Hold EFI Training Classes At Westech In February

Memphis, TN – Industry leader FAST is scheduled to present a two-day training program at California-based Westech Performance Group on Feb. 16-17. The classes will provide insight into the brand’s EZ-EFI and XFI offerings.

EFI TrainingDuring the third week in February, “Intro to FAST Electronic Fuel Injection Systems” will provide attendees with valuable EFI information and hands-on experience. The first class, “Intro to FAST EZ-EFI,”  is slated for Tuesday, Feb. 16, and will cover basic EFI terms and components, plus explain in terms anyone can understand how electronic fuel injection works. The class will also cover the do’s and don’ts of FAST EZ-EFI installation. The day will conclude with a live hands-on training exercise utilizing the self-tuning unit.

The following day will pick up where the first left off. On Wednesday, Feb. 17, “Intro to FAST XFI” will go into detail about the brand’s EFI products designed specifically for high-horsepower racing applications. The class will cover best installation practices and the initial setup of an XFI™ system. Attendees will also see live demonstrations of optimizing the cranking/warm-up process, obtaining the best idle quality, and both part-throttle and wide-open tuning for fuel and spark.

Students may register for either day or sign up for both classes for the best savings. Registration for “Intro to FAST EZ-EFI costs $75, while “Intro to FAST XFI” has a $100 price tag. Registration for both programs costs $150. A special offer also provides all registered participants with double their fee back towards the purchase of any FAST EZ-EFI kit or XFI system within 12 months of their course date. Classes will begin at 9 a.m. and will wrap up around 5 p.m. Lunch will be provided. For more information and to register, contact David Page at 901-375-3492 or email dpage@fuelairspark.com. Class sizes are limited.

Westech Performance Group is located in Miraloma, California.

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