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FAST XDi Sportsman Distributors Offer Unmatched Timing Stability

fast-xdi-sportsman-distributorsThese versatile distributors from FAST are designed to provide extremely stable ignition timing throughout the entire RPM range.

Ideal for use in street/strip, drag race, oval track and off-road applications, XDi Sportsman Distributors from FAST are high performance billet components with a precision housing, shaft and bearings. Each distributor’s precise construction and hand-assembled parts maintain consistent end play, thereby eliminating timing fluctuations. The proprietary, in-house designed optical pickup delivers accurate trigger signals at all RPM, unlike competing options. Each distributor is available with a hardened steel, bronze or composite gear, or without a gear entirely, and all are compatible with magnetic trigger ignition boxes and performance ignition coils. FAST XDi Sportsman Distributors are available for most domestic V8 applications in either small- or large-cap versions.


Quick Facts

Product: FAST XDi Sportsman Distributors

Part Number: Application Specific (See FAST Ignition Catalog)

Street Price: $318.82 – $357.89

Social Media Pitch: FAST XDi Sportsman Distributors are designed for most ignitions & provide stable ignition timing through entire RPM range

Features & Benefits:

  • Precision billet construction & assembly maintain consistent end play for timing stability
  • Proprietary, in-house-designed optical pickup delivers accurate crank signals at all RPM
  • Compatible with most ignition boxes & available with a variety of distributor gear options

FAST XDi Sportsman Distributors Offer Unmatched Timing Stability