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FAST™ XFI 2.0™ Marine Fuel Injection

Memphis, TN – The FASTXFI 2.0™ Marine Fuel Injection is a specially adapted version of the XFI™ electronic fuel injection system designed to maximize performance in boat engines and stand up to the grueling marine environment.

™ engineers worked with professional boat racers to tailor the benefits and advanced controls of XFI 2.0™ to the unique needs of marine applications. First, the ECU was o-ring and conformally sealed to enable marine use. Then marine-specific auxiliary outputs were made. User defined oil pressure, coolant temperature and water pressure alarms can be set to trigger sirens, lights or any other preferred alert. In addition, the engineers upgraded the user interface for power adders, including advanced forced induction, progressive controllability and other advanced marine racing strategies and features. Faster processing means no more flat spots in the power curve or settling for “close enough.” And with a revolutionary new self tuning option, this is the only Marine EFI system that combines easy-to-use features and completely configurable capabilities. The FASTXFI 2.0™ Marine accurately balances fuel and spark, allowing you to fine tune and precisely control like never before.

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Product: FASTXFI 2.0™ Marine Fuel Injection
Part Number: #301015
Street Price: Call For Pricing
Social Media Pitch: The FAST XFI™ 2.0™ Marine Fuel Injection tailors XFI™ electronic fuel injection to the unique needs of marine applications
Features & Benefits:
• ECU is o-ring & conformally sealed for marine use
• User defined pressure & temperature alarm sets off sirens, lights or any other preferred alert
• Upgraded user interface for power adders including advanced forced induction & progressive controllability
• Revolutionary self-tuning option combines easy-to-use features & completely configurable capabilities