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FAST XFI 2.050 Engine Management System

Memphis, TN – The latest update to the FAST line of XFI systems features an upgraded ECU and greater software capability, more spark features and improved data collection for safety.

301000XFI Engine Managements Systems are designed to provide the utmost in power and adjustability for serious racers. XFI 2.050  provides a host of upgrades including individual cylinder correction referenced to RPM. This feature allows for very fine tuning of an engine cylinder by cylinder throughout its entire RPM band. Dynamic Fuel Pressure Correction also allows for user-enabled correction for fuel pressure changes in real time.

What’s more, XFI 2.050 includes the added ability to interface with the cost-effective FAST EZ-LS Ignition Controller, while comprehensive, user programmable dwell settings for EZ-LS and XIM applications allow the user to finely tune the dwell time to match the ignition coils that are being used.  Other spark features include increased resolution for power adder ramp retard, a timing offset table supporting alternative fuels by their Fuel Energy Constant and a high-RPM, spark-cut rev limiter.

XFI 2.050 provides a second communication port to allow for simultaneous use of the FAST XFI eDash and C-COM software, while new calibration parameters are designed to initiate a minimum oil pressure shutdown. In addition, a dedicated real-time baro sensor supports live corrections of barometric pressure for altitude changes. Finally, the progressive power adder fuel and nitrous solenoid duty cycles have been merged into one table to allow for more convenient tuning.  Combine all of these features and the result is precision control and tuning capabilities never before thought possible.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST XFI 2.050 Engine Management System

Part Number: #301000

Street Price: $1,700.61

Social Media Pitch: FAST XFI 2.050 provides precise control w/ an upgraded ECU, greater software capability, more spark features & improved data collection

Features & Benefits:

  • Individual cylinder correction allows for fine tuning of engine throughout its entire RPM band
  • Dynamic Fuel Pressure Correction automatically corrects fuel flow for fuel pressure changes in real time
  • Comprehensive user programmable dwell parameters for EZ-LS & XIM applications create opportunity to finely tune dwell time to match ignition coils being used
  • Second communication port allows for simultaneous use of XFI eDash & C-Com software
  • Sensors initiate min. oil pressure shutdown & support live barometric pressure changes for increased safety
  • Quickboost feature facilitates faster turbocharger “spool-up”
  • Forced induction “overboost” detection with boost control

View the PDF: FAST XFI 2.050 Engine Management System