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FAST™ XFI™ Badge

Memphis, TN – Putting an XFI™ Badge on your vehicle warns other enthusiasts that you are powered by the most technologically advanced electronic fuel injection system available.

New XFI™ Badges from FAST™ easily stick to any car and show the world that you upgraded to the most advanced fuel injection system on the market. These stylish new badges adhere to any flat area of your hot rod, muscle car or street machine and will not come off no matter how “fast” you drive. More than just another decal, these shiny badges are designed from a synthetic material with chrome styling. They are 100 percent weather resistant and look like they came on your car straight from the factory. The FAST™ and XFI™ pieces are separate, so you can decide how it looks best on your ride. One of these new badges will be included with every new XFI 2.0™ System purchased. However, they are also available for order individually.

Quick Factsfast

Product: FAST™ XFI™ Badge
Part Number: #170656
Social Media Pitch: New FASTXFI™ Badges brand your vehicle with a logo that tells the world you trust the most advanced EFI system on the market
Features & Benefits:
• Hard material with chrome metal styling looks like it came straight from the factory once applied to your car
• Super strong, weatherproof adhesive will not come off no matter how fast you drive
• Ships with every new FAST™ XFI™ System or available for purchase individually
• Not just another decal, these stylish badges look great on any hot rod or muscle car that uses an XFI™ system