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FAST XFI Sportsman Engine Management System

Memphis, TN – The FAST XFI Sportsman Engine Management System is a simple, programmable and custom-tunable unit designed to fill the space between EZ-EFI 2.0 and XFI 2.0.

Designed for muscle car, late model street and sportsman drag racing engines, along with boosted and individual runner throttle body applications, the FAST  XFI Sportsman Engine Management System is a bank-to-bank, fully software-tunable EFI setup. It requires a laptop for tuning and uses FAST  C-Com  software, which comes packaged along with a necessary USB connectivity cable. The system offers either load-indexed Speed Density or Alpha-N fuel strategies. Most users will use Speed Density, but the Alpha-N option is specifically added to serve sportsman drag racers looking for absolute consistency. The FAST  XFI Sportsman system features full tables to monitor fueling, acceleration fuel, timing and air/fuel targets. A user-configurable auxiliary input channel and full-function data logging are also included. The system supports both naturally aspirated and boosted applications up to 5 bar, is compatible with wet nitrous and has nitrous timing retard control. Built-in CAN network support for the EZ-TCU, EZ-LS, XFI eDash and XIM means users can easily plug and play those components with the included CAN wire. The FAST XFI Sportsman Engine Management System also features a Bosch wide-band 02 sensor, utilizes built-in diagnostic LEDs, a waterproof ECU enclosure and includes a premium, mesh-type wire-loom multi-port harness. Compatible with return-style and returnless fuel systems, XFI Sportsman is designed for use with high-impedance injectors, and works with a variety of multi-port systems or either generation of FAST EZ-EFI  throttle body. XFI Sportsman is conveniently configurable to work with FAST distributors, FAST crank triggers, EZ-LS or XIM. The RPM/tach signal from an aftermarket CD ignition box is also a timing control option.

XFI Sportsman Kit

XFI Sportsman Kit

Quick Facts

Product: XFI Sportsman  Engine Management System
Part Number: #303000
Street Price: $1578.96

Social Media Pitch: The FAST  XFI Sportsman  Engine Management System is for users who want more control than EZ-EFI  but a simpler option than full XFI 2.0

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use, programmable & custom-tunable unit fits perfectly between EZ-EFI 2.0  and XFI 2.0  segments
  • Utilizes FAST C-COM software – comes packaged along w/ necessary USB connectivity cable
  • Features Speed Density & Alpha-N fuel strategies; Alpha-N included just for sportsman drag racers
  • Supports N/A & boosted applications up to 5 bar, works w/ nitrous & features nitrous timing retard control
  • CAN network support for EZ-TCU, EZ-LS, XFI eDash & XIM for plug & play w/included CAN wire
  • Designed for high-impedance injectors, compatible w/ multi-port systems & either EZ-EFI throttle body