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  1. J-440
    J-440 Fastmanefi
    Hey Rich, I’m gonna call you around 4:00 your time tomorrow. I’m the dude with the ECM that thinks there’s a 4cyl in my car. Already talked to FAST and they told me to check my wiring, which I already have. Wanna hear what ideas you may have. Talk to you then.

  2. Johnny nitro
    Johnny nitro Fastmanefi
    Will a msd 6al-2 box work with the fast sportsmen? And do you wire up the way msd says for a magnetic pick up . I have the fast disy and e6 box but I want to use the 2step the msd has since I have been told you can't run a 2step with what I have! Please help
  3. lr057
    lr057 maxwell
    Hi i have a rebuilt mk4 454 short block with flat top pistons and wanting to put a retro fit roller cam in it .The heads are gm 781 with large valves installed and some pocket work done as well with 115 cc chambers. The compression is 8:5:1 what retro fit roller cam should i install. 67 camaro with 4speed muncie and 3.08 diff gears , 245/45/18 rear tyres. Can i run a marine cam with low duration and 112 lobe
  4. RinkyQ
    RinkyQ KRatcliff
    Is it possible to send personnal messages to members? I wish I could send a message to Kyle Ratcliff.
  5. Fastmanefi
    Fastmanefi Algamotorsports67
    There's nothing I can do with an EZ-2 system since that is only a self-earning system. My value added is when I g=can get into the ECU with a laptop. The EZ-2 does not support that.
  6. Yadkin
    Yadkin Denis
    This is a rebuilt 390 with a very mild hydraulic roller cam. Pertronix distributor with Ignitor II, matching coil. Pertronix second strike bow (second strike set to 0), new MSD Streetfire wires, Autolite plugs. The engine just runs rough, like it's missing on a cylinder, but it's not. I changed the ignition box once, plug wires twice, and spark plugs three times. I've measure valve lift and they are all within spec.
  7. Yadkin
  8. Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia
    Fighting with a 426 ALUMINIUM BLOCK GEN III
  9. VictorGarage
    VictorGarage Fastmanefi
    can you help me installing XFI2.0 and XIM with Fast Dual Sync Distributor? i make it run with standalone XIM... but no luck on CAN enabled... the timing stay at zero...
    please send me email or reply my threads
  10. 426Hemi
    Teach me everything! I'm hungry for knowledge!
  11. upper_decker
    upper_decker maxwell
    I have a 08-501-8 cam, and I am wondering what kind of distributor gears I can run on it. I purchased the 12200 gear, but my distributor has a .427" shaft. I am thinking about buying the msd 5592 distributor, but that has a melonized gear. I definately DON'T want to tear this build up over such a small and inexpensive part like a distributor gear.
  12. Cefas
    Tenho transmissão 4l80e six speed tci e não lembro a configuração das esferas do corpo dse valvulas.
  13. Silverbullet
    Silverbullet TCITech1
    Hi, I bought the ez tcu and I am using it on a 4l80e with carb. It is wired per the directions, the tps signal is reading right and all my connections are good. When just the switch is on for the transmission controller the light is solidt, when I turn the ignition on it stays the same, as soon as I start it the light becomes becomes intermittent with comm error appearing. The 12v is ran to a separate switch.
  14. Fred Richards
    Fred Richards maxwell
    I'm running a 12-236-3 cam from you. It's on a fresh sbc bored .030 with Vortec heads that just have springs redone. Performer intake that is bored. 18 lb spring with 350 injectors. The question is, what kind of manifold vacuum should I expect. I'm at 15 at idle. Chasing a problem of being too rich. Thought maybe vacuum to low.
  15. ABC
  16. cooter1969
    cooter1969 Lance
    lance i need some help on ez efi 1
  17. Jerryl
    Knee deep.
  18. fridge
    4.6 2011 crown vic stock, what hp and torque number will i see whit this cam, 102200,
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    2. fridge
      stock spring
      Nov 7, 2016
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  19. gottago
    switched over to XFI 2.051 last spring -- now can't overlay log data on a 3D table -- is anything different from the older XFI 2.0 software?
  20. Phil@/355
    Phil@/355 TurboNova
    You were previously discussing the issue of using nitrous with the FAST EZ-EFI 1.0 system. The closed/self learning system is a problem as it would want to lean out your AFR. Do you think that using a Nitrous Express Max 4 Controller would be useful, as you can set your Nitrous/ fuel dump to met a specific AFR ? Just a thought ?