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Default ZEX™ Top 10 Tech FAQs
This FAQ contains general information about installing ZEX™ Nitrous Products. If you have a specific question that you cannot find an answer to, please call ZEX™ directly at 888-817-1008, or visit the Tech Center.

1. How do you locate the TPS output voltage wire?

There are several options. First, you can refer to the factory service manual wiring schematic to locate the rising voltage TPS output wire. If you don’t have access to a factory service manual, one of the most sure-fire ways is to use a digital volt meter to pierce the TPS wires while the vehicle’s ignition is turned on. Simply look for the wire that has voltage that moves up as the throttle pedal is depressed.

2. How does bottle pressure affect nitrous power and safety?

Optimum operation for a nitrous system occurs within the range of 900-1000 psi. Pressures higher than 1000 psi will produce excessive flow of nitrous that can cause lean engine damage. Pressures lower than 900 psi will produce an excessively rich condition, resulting in horsepower loss. ZEX™ offers several different pressure gauges and regulators to help you monitor and maintain optimum pressure levels.

3. How do I program my ZEX™ kit to activate on a throttle-by-wire vehicle?

Most throttle-by-wire vehicles will program a ZEX™ TPS switch just the same as a regular cable style throttle. However, on certain drive-by-wire vehicles (i.e. Chrysler EFI Hemi, Nissan 350Z, etc.) the factory computer will not let the gas pedal actuate the throttle blade until the engine has started. On these vehicles, to program the ZEX™ TPS switch, you will need to manually move the engine’s throttle body blade with the ignition on, but engine off.

4. During initial programming/power-up, what do you do if the solenoids start fluttering as soon as you turn the system on?

Occasionally, when a nitrous management unit is first switched on during installation, before the unit has been programmed, the solenoids may start fluttering. To correct this, simply press and release the black programming button, and then program the unit using the recommended procedure in your kit’s installation manual.

5. What is the resistance value of the TPS resistor wire that comes in the throttle by wire kits?

82K ohm, ½ watt

6. Where do I find the recommended jetting for my particular nitrous kit?
4 CYL FUEL / N20 6 CYL. FUEL / N20 8 CYL. FUEL / N20 
55hp17 / 3217 / 32 19 / 32
65hp19 / 3619 / 3626 / 40
75hp21 / 4021 / 4026 / 40
100hp26 / 46
26 / 46
30 / 46
125hp30 / 54
30 / 54
34 / 54
150hp38 / 67
38 / 67
38 / 67
175hp43 / 83
43 / 83
43 / 83
4 CYL. FUEL / N20 6 CYL. FUEL / N20 8 CYL. FUEL / N20 
55hp36 / 3236 / 32-
65hp34 / 3534 / 35-
75hp32 / 3832 / 38 43 / 40
100hp26 / 46
26 / 46
40 / 46
125hp--34 / 54 

NOTE #1: 82018 system uses special jetting. Call factory for further details.

NOTE #2: Fuel pump upgrade required. Use ZEX Booster Fuel Pump Kit #82020 for return style fuel system.

7. Where is the best place to ground my wires, and why should I not have multiple
grounds at the same spot or next to each other?

Grounds can interfere with each other and should not be placed next to or on top of each other. This can cause the Nitrous Management Unit to act erratically. It is best to run grounds straight to the battery as it will act as a filter for electronic noise.

8. Where should I pick-up the tach signal for the Traction Control Window switch?

You can pick up a tach signal off of the negative side of a coil or injector, or if you have a tach output wire.

9. How do changes in fuel pressure affect jetting?

As you increase fuel pressure, to maintain the correct nitrous to fuel ratio, you would also need to reduce your fuel jet size to compensate. Conversely, if you reduce fuel pressure, you will need to compensate with a larger jet to maintain the same fuel flow. Fuel pressure can also be a very easy and precise way to do fuel tuning on custom nitrous installations.

10. How much ignition timing should I pull when using my nitrous system?

We recommend pulling 2 degrees for every 50 HP, based on an optimized spark curve. So, for a 100hp shot you would pull 4 degrees.
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