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Cam selection for my stroker

Discussion in 'Introductions & General Bench Racing' started by Mikejoss, May 12, 2016.

  1. Mikejoss

    Mikejoss New Member

    Apr 1, 2016
    I'm just finishing up the short block on my 383 stroker, scat 3.75 stroke crank, 5.7 pro comp rods, flat top pistons with single valve relief I'm gonna shoot for somewhere in the neighborhood of 11.1-11.6 comp but I'm looking for help picking out the right cam for this motor. I wanna try and it 500hp with this thing and I'm not to worried about vaccum. So any help would be appreciated. Im still haven't picked up heads yet but I'll prolly be gettin a set of AFR 200cc's maybe 190s still haven't made it to that point yet
  2. maxwell

    maxwell Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 5, 2012
    Hi Mike,
    Looks like you are on the right track for a stout engine. Since you are planning to go with AFR heads, their Dyno page on their website can be pretty helpful: http://www.airflowresearch.com/dyno.php
    They used our Xtreme Energy hydraulic roller camshaft part# 12-433-8 for their 500+hp 383 builds.
    For a bit more power, with a bit more maintenance, you could go with our 12-771-8 Xtreme Energy mechanical roller camshaft. This would be a good choice if car has more of a drag strip emphasis than street driving.
    Be sure to ask if your rods are already clearanced for a standard camshaft. If not, then we can special grind a small base circle version of either cam for you.

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