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COMP Cams Quick Tech Video: Proper Flat Tappet Cam Break-In

Discussion in 'COMP Cams Technical Reference Articles' started by jjamros, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Memphis, TN − The COMP Cams series of Quick Tech Videos now includes a how-to instructional video demonstrating proper flat tappet camshaft break-in procedures.

    As any engine builder knows, proper break-in is key to both how long a flat tappet camshaft will last and how well it will perform. The latest addition to the COMP Cams Quick Tech Video series demonstrates the techniques for properly breaking in a flat tappet camshaft. The step-by-step video walks racers, engine builders and automotive enthusiasts at all levels through the process. It also dispels several common flat tappet myths that can lead to engine problems. The Proper Flat Tappet Cam Break-In video and all other COMP Cams Quick Tech Videos can be found on our YouTube channel at www.CPGNationTV.com.

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    Product: COMP Cams Quick Tech Video: Proper Flat Tappet Cam Break-In

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    Social Media Pitch: The new Quick Tech Video from COMP shows proper flat tappet cam break-in techniques to ensure the safety & performance of your valve train

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