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COMP Cams Technology Explained Video: Cam Timing

Discussion in 'COMP Cams Technical Reference Articles' started by jlee@CPG, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Memphis, TN − The latest Technology Explained Video from COMP Cams explains the effects of camshaft rotation on valve timing events in an internal combustion engine, and covers a variety of important cam timing terminology.

    The camshaft is often referred to as the "heart" or the "brain" of a performance power plant. This is due to the dramatic effect that valve timing events have on a four-stroke internal combustion engine. This Technology Explained Video shows viewers the effect of each valve event, and how to tailor those events to the requirements of their specific engine application. Important cam timing terms such as intake opening, intake closing, exhaust opening, exhaust closing and overlap are covered as well. The video features a variety of helpful animations and detailed narration. When watched in conjunction with the COMP Cams Technology Explained Video: Common Valve Train Terminology, viewers will receive a detailed overview of how all aspects of an internal combustion valve train works. This Technology Explained Video and all other videos from the COMP Performance Group™ can be found at www.cpgnationtv.com.

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