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FAST Primary Ignition Wiring and Interference 101

Discussion in 'FAST Support Forum' started by A A, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. A A

    A A Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2014
    While looking for the correct wires to lengthen those on my new E6 ignition box and those for the E92 coil, it occurred to me many interference problems seen here may be due to the use of incorrect wire standards. ALL WIRES ARE NOT ALIKE. The most readily found and majority of wiring is substandard for ignition and under hood use. It is not enough that the insulation is rated for oil or other automotive fluids. It must also meet temperature and voltage requirements. The voltage and temperature rating is very important.

    There are a number of different types of automotive wiring insulation. So, merely using the correct gauge of wire will NOT satisfy all requirements. The most commonly found automotive wires are only rated for low voltage up to 60v DC. Many of them may say for automotive use. But, there is also a different standard for temperature, and most are not rated for under hood use. Wiring insulation used under the hood needs to be rated for over 225 degrees Fahrenheit - while the most common of these wires are rated for under 200 degrees F.

    If you have a FAST ignition box or E92 coil, notice carefully that all the included FAST wiring is imprinted with the 600V standard.
    600v wires use a standard insulation to prevent leakage at their rated voltage. CD ignitions provide higher coil voltage - in the 450v-550v range to the coil terminals. If you have used less than 600v rated wiring, you will have interference problems. Rest assured the FAST wires are also rated for higher under hood temperatures.

    If you have a MSD or other CD ignition and coil, you may not see the 600v standard imprinted on their wires. But, you can count on those wires being also rated for 600 DC volts, and higher under hood temperatures.

    If you have interference problems and added any primary wiring that was not rated 600 DC volts, you have just found a source of interference. Do not use unrated wire anywhere in your vehicle.
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  2. jaros44sr

    jaros44sr Member

    Nov 12, 2012
    phila., pa.
    Very good write up, and information. How about not using wires that are made from peanut oil, keeps all the rodents from chewing on your harness
  3. A A

    A A Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2014
    Thanks. That's one that should never have been used also. Varmints will chew just about anything - even without an incentive. PTFE insulation of the correct thickness is one used for 600v ratings. It's a Teflon product.
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