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Old EZ with new handheld is possessed!

Discussion in 'FAST Support Forum' started by potvinguy, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. VettenDK

    VettenDK Member

    Aug 24, 2016
    Your firmware version is noted on backside of ECU.
    I think you have an "old" version, not knowing which, cause my old handheld said prg 07, ecu 05 which is firmware 2.37, prg/tune 05.
  2. marko

    marko Member

    Sep 2, 2011
    I too have a ez1.0 with the new color screen. I have kept all my values but the screen locks up about every other time I start the car. A quick reset and I'm goodbut that's a pain. I will be at sema in a few weeks and I'm going to ask a fast tech if the 005 is a fix for the color screen problems people are having.
  3. fishhore

    fishhore Member

    Aug 15, 2014
    Any new information on this?

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