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Quick Tech Video: ZEX™ Safety Blow Down Kit Install

Discussion in 'ZEX Technical Reference Articles' started by dhodgdon, Jun 29, 2012.

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    May 9, 2011
    Memphis, TN – This Quick Tech video from ZEX™ demonstrates exactly what a Safety Blow Down Kit does, and how it should be installed for optimum safety and efficiency.

    The ZEX™ Safety Blow Down Kit is one of the most important components for racers running nitrous applications. If a nitrous bottle is overfilled or overheated and the pressure safety disk bursts, the Blow Down Kit will safely vent the dangerous fumes to the outside of the vehicle. This video helps users understand how to easily install the kit whether their nitrous bottle’s valve features an internally or externally threaded safety port. The installation process is explained through a series of helpful demonstrations and animations utilizing all of the ZEX™ Safety Blow Down Kit’s parts and pieces. This latest video and all other COMP Performance Group™ Quick Tech, Technology Explained and Product Spotlight videos can be found on the CPGNation YouTube channel at www.cpgnationtv.com.

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    Product: Quick Tech Video: ZEX™ Safety Blown Down Kit Install

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    Social Media Pitch: This ZEX™ Quick Tech Video demonstrates how a Safety Blow Down Kit works & how it should be installed for optimum safety & performance
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