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Roller Comp cams for small block chev 08-409-8 or 08-408-8 ?

Discussion in 'Introductions & General Bench Racing' started by B.G., Mar 15, 2017.

  1. B.G.

    B.G. New Member

    May 21, 2016
    Iam building another chev small block and want to install comp cams roller cam in my 1993 gmc truck. Its basically a L31 block 9.5 to 1 comp with a tbi gmpp intake and bored out 46mm throttel body with 18 psi fuel pressure. The cam i want to install is a 08-409-8 . duration @ 0.050th is in 206 exhaust 210 valve lift intake 0.458 exhaust 0.458 ls 111
    When i tried to check it out on cam quest it did not come up , the cam that cam quest showed is 08-408-8 duration @ 0.050th is in 206 exhaust 212 valve lift intake 0.480 exhaust 0.487 ls 110.
    Which is the best cam for me to use? Iam using 062 vortex heads do i need to change valve springs with these cams ?
    Not to confuse matters but another comp cam i was looking at was 08-300-8 which might have to much lift on the exhaust 0.480 @ 50th with my 062 vortex heads, but it is more in the power band i will be running. Would I have to have these heads machined with the 08-300-8 cam ?

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