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Rules Of The Road

Discussion in 'Community Guidelines' started by CPG Marketing, Apr 3, 2014.

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  1. CPG Marketing

    CPG Marketing Administrator Staff Member

    Apr 11, 2008
    Southaven, MS
    Whether you’re a GM, Ford or Mopar fan, if you like domestics or imports, cars or trucks, circle track, drag or road racing, the CPGNation has something for everyone. We encourage your comments and opinions in the forum section of the website. And, like in any community, there will be differences of opinion. We welcome those too. We do, however, require that you be respectful of each other and of the world at large. We might disagree on what we like, but nobody is wrong.

    Our Pledge To You

    We have principles guiding us as well. We promise to deliver value to our CPGNation fans in the way of exclusive articles, tech support, event coverage, product updates, and a whole lot of fun interaction with car guys just like you. Tech support questions posted in the support forums will be answered no later than the next business day and in most cases the same day they are posted.

    When it comes to our products, we promise to provide you with the best products we can build, to deliver customer service that is second to none and to lead the way in technological advancements within our industry.

    Terms of Use:

    Inflammatory or irrelevant posts, as well as those containing gratuitous vulgarity or obscene references, will be promptly removed. You should be able to enjoy yourself in this community. Realize that whatever differences arise, there is still one strong common thread that binds us all together; we are all gearheads. But as gearheads, we have an obligation to provide a pleasant environment that welcomes even the youngest automotive fan with open arms.

    • No vulgarity or obscenity in posts, photos or videos. Remember this community must remain a healthy place for even the youngest gearhead.
    • Respect the privacy of others; do not harass, defame, threaten or engage in any illegal or menacing activity.
    • No SPAM will be tolerated.
    • No uploading of content, software or viruses that may be harmful or malicious to computers.
    • Keep repeat postings to a minimum.

    One final note: posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions or claims of the COMP Performance Group™ nor brands COMP Cams, TCI Auto, FAST, RHS, Quarter Master, ZEX, Inglese, Powerhouse, VThunder, GoParts, Tomar and we reserve the right to remove any posts or ban any members that violate the above stated Terms of Use.
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