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Default Top 10 Thumpr Cam YouTube Videos
Any true enthusiast knows there is nothing quite like the hard hitting, high performance idle of a Thumpr, Mutha' Thumpr or Big Mutha' Thumpr Camshaft. We scoured the internet for the meanest, nastiest sounding Thumpr Cam videos out there. Of all the great clips you guys posted of your rides, we narrowed it down to the ten best sounding vehicles. Here are our top picks:

#1 Corvette

This 1981 Corvette ZZ4 running a Mutha' Thumpr Cam is the prefect example of how a muscle car should sound. That rough and nasty idle is music to our ears.

#2 Aero Sedan

The only thing more beautiful than this lovingly detailed '47 Chevy Aero Sedan is the sound it makes with a Thumpr Cam idling around 1000 rpm.

#3 Bel Air

The Thumpr Cam in this 1957 Chevy Bel Air creates the perfect sounding engine- not too rough, but still mean enough to turn heads whenever it drives by.

#4 Dart

Using the Big Mutha' Thumpr, this 340 GTS Dart Clone makes big noise and big power. Aggressive idle is one thing, but if you can back it up on the street too, it's something entirely different.

#5 C10

The first truck on our list is no less impressive than any of the cars. Sporting a Thumpr Cam with stock heads, this '72 Chevy sounds amazing.

#6 C10

Another C10 and another awesome sounding Thumpr Cam. This lowered 1985 Chevy sounds mean and nasty with the Thumpr's characteristic high performance, aggressive idle

#7 Mustang

This great sounding Mustang demonstrates the difference between a regular cam and a Mutha' Thumpr Cam. The difference is nothing short of incredible, making this Mustang sound even more intimidating.

#8 Camaro

Back to muscle cars with this 1969 Camaro SS rocking a Mutha' Thumpr Cam, among other aftermarket upgrades. You just can't beat American Muscle, especially when it's backed up with the right aftermarket parts.

#9 Monte Carlo

The Big Mutha' Thumpr in this '88 Monte Carlo SS Flintstone Thunder 1 takes our breath away. Its intimidating black paint and monster sound make this one scary beast on the road.

#10 '33 Plymouth Hot Rod

What this short clip lacks in length, it makes up with great sound. This customized 1933 Plymouth Hot Rod rounds out our list of the Top 10 Best Sounding Thumpr Cams.
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