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Indy Cylinder Head Utilizes COMP Cams Products To Set The Industry Standard In Power

Banking on knowledge gained from over 38 years of experience on the track and in the research department, Indy Cylinder Head creates world champion caliber power plants, and COMP Cams performance products are a major ingredient.

Located front and center in the land of power and performance in Indianapolis, Indiana, Indy Cylinder Head is world-renowned as one of the top engine builders in the game. Founded in 1973 by Russ Flagle, the company was born from the need to create the best possible engine for his own drag cars.

“Back in the formative years, there just wasn’t a lot of people working in this business, so obviously there wasn’t much aftermarket technology, and we basically had to make everything that we needed,” Flagle explains. “At the time I was racing a small C-Model Dragster, and there really wasn’t anybody that you could pick a phone up and call to get parts and engine information. As a result, every time that I made a pass down the drag strip was like making a dyno run, and you would just learn so much every time. I decided pretty quick that I could take this information and not only make my own hot rods faster, but also use the information to make other people’s race cars better.”

While his initial intent was to focus primarily on cylinder heads, Flagle’s business quickly grew as his on-track performance taught him more.

“My interest in building complete race engines was pretty instantaneous,” he says. “I liked the thought of having total control of the finished product, so in addition to making individual parts, we also started building some pretty powerful engines in just a short time.”

Over the years, Indy Cylinder Head grew by leaps and bounds, and as the company’s knowledge expanded, so did its use of technology. Indy Cylinder Head ultimately purchased a total of eighteen computer numerical control (CNC) machines to precisely create their parts. Flagle and his staff use computers to create models of the various parts needed, and then input the data into the highly-sophisticated machines, which in turn create the finished product.

Indy Cylinder Head is primarily focused on Chrysler products, and has made huge strides in building new technology, as well as in replicating various parts and engine models.

“A large part of our business involves manufacturing engines and components for 440s, 360s, AMCs, and obviously Hemi engines. While we do a lot of work for competition-level drag racers, we also service countless muscle car enthusiasts on a world-wide basis,” Flagle notes.

While many engine companies subcontract production on a majority of their components, Indy Cylinder Head stands above the crowd as it manufactures almost all of its pieces.

“When we send a Hemi out the door, we’ve created every part on that engine from one of our eighteen CNC machine,” Flagle explains. “I’m very proud that we are a self-sufficient company in that aspect. So many engine builders are just bolt-on companies, and they don’t really understand what’s going into their finished products. However, we knew what goes into every aspect because not only do we design it, but we also make it.”

Indy Cylinder Head has seen its technology and expertise lead to world-wide recognition including multiple Engine Masters Championships, in addition to other accolades.

Flagle firmly holds on to the fact that passion for motorsports is what has driven him and his company to be the best over the past three decades. He even goes as far as to say that the passion within his company is its accomplishment that he’s most proud of.

“It’s like anything in life, if you are passionate about it, you just try much harder,” he says. “Every day myself and my employees come into the shop with the mindset that we are going to do something special that day and come up with something cutting edge. Some days you do find something and some days you don’t, but you have that same drive to be the best every day. Hard work and passion… that’s what separates us from the competition.”

Indy Cylinder Head operates with only the utmost quality in mind, and while it does manufacture a majority of its own components, there are a few companies that Flagle and staff put their trust in for key pieces. One of those companies is COMP Cams. Indy Cylinder Head has had a long relationship with COMP Cams, and Flagle states, “They always give me exactly what I need, and I never have to worry about the dependability and performance when it comes to their parts. That’s what I expect, and that’s what they deliver!”

For more information on Indy Cylinder Head and its products, please visit online at www.indyheads.com. For more information about COMP Cams valve train products or any other COMP Cams product, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com.