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Inglese™ Billet Stacks

Memphis, TN – Four sizes of Inglese™ Billet Stacks are designed to fit virtually all hot rods and street machines.

Inglese™ Billet Stacks provide both classy looks and superior performance for nearly any engine application. Available in four different heights ranging from 1.50″ to 3.50,” these precision-machined stacks are designed for bolt-on fitment for all Inglese™ EFI (50mm and 58mm throttle body) and IDA carbureted engines. Designed with a radius that optimizes airflow, they are constructed so that complementing Inglese™ Snap-In Stack Filters fit on perfectly. Inglese™ Billet Stacks are also customizable to match any car’s paint scheme or overall look, and cost less than the competitors’ comparable billet versions without sacrificing any of the quality. Available in single units or as a complete set of eight.

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Product: Inglese™ Billet Stacks
Part Number: #NG5102-8 (2.82,” IDA Carb); #NG5103-8 (1.50,” EFI 50mm); #NG5104-8 (3.50,” EFI 50mm); #NG5105-8 (1.50,” EFI 58 mm)
Social Media Pitch: Inglese™ Billet Stacks are designed to provide both classy looks and superior performance for hot rod and street machine engines
Features & Benefits:
•Four different heights; precision machined for bolt-on fitment for Inglese™ EFI (50mm & 58mm throttle body) & IDA carbureted engines
•Constructed to optimize airflow; perfect fit for Inglese™ Snap-In Stack Filters
•Customizable to match any car or engine’s style
•Value option to other billet stacks from competitors