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Inglese™ Progressive Linkage

Memphis, TN – Progressive linkage from Inglese™ is engineered to dramatically improve the drivability of Inglese™ EFI and carbureted systems.

Inglese™ Progressive Linkage improves the drivability of eight-stack systems by increasing pedal modulation at low RPM. A progressive pull rate is a necessity for eight-stack systems because they typically feature twice the throttle area of a traditional setup. This can make traveling at low speeds a hassle as the vehicle will lunge with the slightest pedal touch. Inglese™ Progressive Linkage solves this issue by creating more throttle-pedal movement than resultant throttle-blade movement, meaning that there is less pedal travel. However, the linkage rolls over to a 1:1 ratio at wide open throttle to ensure 100% throttle usage. Inglese™ Progressive Linkage also features a redundant spring to further increase safety. The linkage is constructed from billet CNC aluminum and is exclusive technology to Inglese™.

Quick Facts

Product: Inglese™ Progressive Linkage
Part Number: #NG4029 (SBC/FE); #NG4030 (SBF); #NG4031 (FW)
Social Media Pitch: Inglese™ Progressive Linkage drastically improves the neighborhood & parking lot drivability of EFI & carbureted systems
Features & Benefits:
• Creates more throttle-pedal movement than resistant throttle-blade movement for less pedal travel
• Linkage rolls over to 1:1 at wide open throttle to ensure 100% throttle usage
• Features a redundant spring to further increase safety
• Constructed from billet CNC aluminum; exclusive technology to Inglese