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Our Favorite Car Tunes

At the COMP Performance Group™ we’re all car people. But living in Memphis, we’re all music people too. It’s kind of in our blood here. So to us there isn’t much better than songs about cars, racing and the road. The marketing department recently had some fun and came up with a list of our own top three favorite car songs. There were certainly some interesting debates, and lots of trouble narrowing it down to just three. Some of us could have written a top 20 list it seems.
The Beach Boys took top honors as the band appearing the most times, but the favorite car (or at the least the favorite song topic) within the department is the Cadillac. Lots of popular car tunes are included in our lists, as well as everything from funk to hair metal. Songs about cars know no musical bounds.
We think we’ve got a pretty good list overall, however, we know that we had to leave off some classics. Let us know what you think and tell us your favorites in the comments below.
I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar
Little Deuce Coupe – The Beach Boys
Hot Rod Lincoln – Johnny Bond
409 – The Beach Boys
Pink Cadillac – Bruce Springsteen
Low Rider – War
Hey Little Cobra – The Rip Chords
Rev it Up and Go – Stray Cats
The Ballad of Thunder Road – Robert Mitchum
One Piece at a Time – Johnny Cash
On the Road Again – Willie Nelson
Turn the Page – Bob Seger
Little Deuce Coupe –  The Beach Boys
409 -The Beach Boys
Shut Down – The Beach Boys
Panama-Van Halen
Kickstart My Heart-Motley Crue
Heading Out to the Highway-Judas Priest
Let Sally Drive  – Sammy Hagar
Cruisin’ and Boozin’ – Sammy Hagar
Purple Sky – Kid Rock
Greased Lightning – John Travolta
Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett
Fun Fun Fun – The Beach Boys
Brand New Cadillac – The Clash
Long White Cadillac – Dwight Yoakam
Jesus Built my Hotrod – Ministry
Life in the Fast Lane – The Eagles
Slow Ride – Foghat
Highway to Hell – AC/DC
Greased Lightnin’ – John Travolta
Little Red Corvette – Prince (Cover)
Pink Cadillac – Bruce Springsteen
Not appearing on any list but a cool crossing of music, motors and Memphis is the 1951 song “Rocket 88” by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats. While traveling along Highway 61 to record at the legendary Memphis Recording Service (better known today as Sun Studio) the band’s amplifier was damaged.
At the studio an attempt was made to repair it by stuffing it full of newspapers. The result though was a distorted sound – one that producer Sam Phillips loved. The song is often recognized as the first ever true rock and roll record for that reason. And it’s all about an Oldsmobile!