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People Who Know: TCI’s Will Vance

will_vanceTCI technician Will Vance is a Memphis native who now lives just over the line in Mississippi. His entire family was into drag racing and for him, growing up at the various local tracks was just a way of life. Naturally he was blasting down the strip as soon as he could and began racing his own car in the bracket classes.

“I started with a Powerglide,” he says. “Of course I tore a lot of stuff up, but I learned a lot about gear sets and torque converters, and how they interact together as a system.”

While obviously helpful at work, this knowledge also crossed over into his street cars, a hobby he enjoys on weekends and after hours. His current crop of cars includes a beautiful blue 1970 Chevelle and a few projects on the burners. He’s been chipping away at a ‘70 Chevy C/10 and a ‘64 Ford Fairlane with plans for a 428 Cobra jet. He also has a ‘64 Pontiac Tempest wagon with tri-power that he just can’t seem to part with.

chevelle_01Will says the best part of his job is dealing with hot rods all day and “basically getting paid to play with what I like.”

He’s a car guy helping car guys. You can’t beat that.